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Dressing Aids

Are you struggling with getting ready in the morning? Whether you struggle with bending down or your fingers don't move the way they used to we've got a dressing aid to suit you. Starting at just £1.99 they can simplify your morning routine.

Shoehorn image
Dressing Stick Aidapt image
£4.19 (£3.49 Exc VAT*)
Elastic Shoe Laces Black image
£4.19 (£3.49 Exc VAT*)
Sock Aid image
£4.79 (£3.99 Exc VAT*)
Long Handled Brush image
£4.79 (£3.99 Exc VAT*)
Long Handled Comb image
£4.79 (£3.99 Exc VAT*)
Pantyhose Aid image
£5.99 (£4.99 Exc VAT*)
Soxon Sock & Stocking Aid image
£12.00 (£10.00 Exc VAT*)
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