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Dual Rotating Grab Rail

£33.99 (£40.79 inc VAT)
Was: £38.99 (£46.79 inc VAT)
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The Dual Rotating grab rail is an innovative aid for use in the bath or shower to offer a secure grip to assist with balance, support and leverage.

The rail consists of two grab rails that are joined in the middle, which can be rotated independently offering the user a number of useful rail configurations.

The grab rail is tool-free at both installation and removal, and can be easily attached to the wall in a bathroom using three lockable suction cups. This ensures that the rail will not damage your property and will still provide an extremely strong hold through the large suction caps. This product allows for greater flexibility and security than a standard suction cup grab rail through the dual rotating system.

It features release levers make installing and removing the Dual Point Grab Rail quick, easy and very simple. Ideal for use in baths and showers and is great for taking when travelling. Additionally for extra safety and user confidence, this model includes a built-in colour indicator showing a “safe secure” or a “re-affix” suction.

Ideal for those with poor mobility but who would like to retain bathing independence will find the Dual Point Grab Rail useful. 

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    Overall Depth/Length (cm): 50
    Product Weight (KG): 0.5