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Home Safety Alert

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The Home Safety Alert is an ideal solution for live-in carers or for those who have parents or disabled family members living at home.

This wireless paging system has 2 pendants covering a 60 metre range across the home. The system features a main receiver box, and two pendants that are to be used to create an alarm.

The large call button on the pendants activates the main alarm unit with a distinct alarm tone, so the carer can tell who is calling, if the receiver unit shows a yellow light then this will be whoever has pendant number 1 and if a green light shows this will be pendant number 2.

The compact receiver can be battery (not included) or mains operated (sold separately) and is great for use in any location. The main unit also has a reset button which will cancel the alarm.

There are a choice of 3 volume levels on the main unit which also features a low battery indicator for when the batteries are low. The wireless system is easy to install and set up in the home.

To set the system up you simply place the main receiver unit in the desired location, pair the pendants to the unit by simply pressing down on the setting button (located in the middle of the battery compartment on the receiver unit) and the call button on the pendant at the same time, once the connection is successful you will hear a beep and the pendant is ready to use. This needs to be done with both of the pendants. To change the volume level just press the small, black setting button (located in the middle of the battery compartment on the receiver unit) repeatedly until the desired volume is set.


Receiver: Length: 12cm (4.75"), Width: 8.5cm (3.25"), Depth: 2cm (0.75")

Pendants: Length: 7cm (2.75") Width: 4cm (1.5"), Depth: 1.5cm (0.5"). 

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