Ableworld have gone Christmas crackers AGAIN!

This entry was posted in November 6, 2023

After the success of our last Christmas campaign in 2022 we have brought back a now annual favourite with the marketing team our Ableworld Christmas Cracker promotion. The promotion will run from 6th November to the 2nd January 2024. Amazing deals you just can't miss like:

🎄 £700 OFF our Jiffy Auto-Folding Boot Scooter Range

🎄 £250 OFF the Sasha Riser Recliner Chair

🎄 £300 OFF Explorer Sport Boot Scooter

As well as our luxury range of products we have a selection of affordable gift ideas to make Christmas for your loved ones that much more special.

🎁 £5 OFF Wooden Lap Tray

🎁 HALF PRICE Weekly Pill Dispenser

🎁 FREE Ring Cushion Cover with Nodular Ring cushion

Visit your nearest Ableworld store and shop our great holiday savings this Christmas, majority of items in stock and ready to take away. Order before Friday 15th December for guaranteed Christmas delivery.

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Exciting News! Ableworld to Open Two New Franchise Stores 

This entry was posted in October 23, 2023

Ableworld, one of the UK’s leading mobility retailers is expanding! After months of hard work, negotiating and planning, we are proud announce that two new franchise stores will be opening throughout the month of November. The end of 2023 is proving to be both a busy and exciting time as we welcome in a new franchisee, as well as see our friends in South Wales expand to a total of three stores!

The first store to open up its doors on Friday 10th November will be Ableworld Newport located at 219 Malpas Road, Newport South Wales. This will mark the third store for franchise owner James Studdart, who already has well established stores in both Cardiff and Bridgend. 

James's new store will be determined to maintain the exact same standards that his two existing stores have managed to set. The Newport location will boast a large store space filled with natural light to ensure a fantastic shopping experience for all, it also means that there will be more than enough stock available to customers in the surrounding areas too. 

Excitingly, the second store to open up in November will be a new franchise owned by Andy Gorrie. Andy’s dedication to the Ableworld brand has been apparent from the very beginning, showing true determination in making his own store become a reality. We know that this ambition and drive is exactly what Ableworld needs to ensure the success of the overall company.   

Andy’s store will open up in unchartered territory for the Ableworld brand as he has chosen the city of Leeds to call home, providing a challenge of establishing ourselves in a new area. Ableworld Leeds will be located at Unit 4, West Central Retail Park, Armley and will be opening up its doors in the near future. 

Both Ableworld Newport and Leeds are working hard to get their stores ready for their respective opening dates. Each store will be offering an array of fantastic opening deals to all of their customers until the end of December!

We look forward to welcoming you through our doors! Until then why not keep an eye out on our socials to check how each store is progressing!

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Alzheimer's Awareness Month -                                                                             

Helpful tips for memory loss that affect everyday life

This entry was posted in September 15, 2023

We can all be forgetful sometimes, like when you go into a room and forget the reason you entered, or when you forget items on your shopping list or misplace your keys. Forgetfulness is something we all contend with no matter our age, but as you get older memory loss becomes a more common occurrence. And whilst age-related memory impairment is considered a normal stage of aging, you shouldn’t dismiss serious memory problems that can make everyday life harder.

For someone with Alzheimer’s, memory loss is a persistent and constant battle with the uncontrollable debilitating illness. But this disease can take as much of toll on the person suffering as it can the family, friends and carers. As its Alzheimer’s month this September, Ableworld have taken the opportunity to come up with helpful tips and tricks if you are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s.

Forgetting conversations or events – The first sign of Alzheimer’s disease is usually short-term memory loss; it is caused by changes to the chemistry and structure of the brain. It can be hard to comprehend that someone can’t remember a conversation you had yesterday but can tell you a memory from 30 years ago. Clocks and Watches are great products to help people with memory loss to keep track of the day.

Forgetting aspects of who they are – Depending on the stage of the Alzheimer’s case, as it progresses, they may forget aspects of their identity. This could mean they forget elements of their personality that were once important to them like their: diet, politics, religion etc. Reminding them of who they are and the beliefs they once held keeps them in tact with themselves even when they don't know who themselves are, and doesn't allow the disease to steal their identity completely. 

Difficulty with everyday tasks – Getting dressed in the morning or making a cup of tea could become much more difficult as their illness advances. But maintaining their independence as much as we can is at the forefront of our company policy, so we have a wide range of products specifically designed to support people with eating and drinking and general well-being in the home. Not only does keeping their mobility and independence take pressure off you but it can also make the illness a lot more manageable and less stressful for the person you are caring for. Shop our Kitchen aids, sensors and security or Medication management and so much more on our website.  

For more information about Alzheimer’s, please visit If you need any further help on products or advice you can visit our website or talk to our friendly in-store staff at your nearest Ableworld store.   

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Travelling Made Easy with Ableworld

This entry was posted in September 15, 2023

When we think of independence, we picture being able to go out on a day trip or holiday whenever we want and for most this is the case. However, travelling for a holiday is made difficult for those who require assistance with their mobility, and the transportation of a mobility aid can become a very tiresome and time consuming ordeal.

Mobility Scooters and powerchairs aren’t usually known for their lightweight components, leaving many mobility users or their carers struggling to get them out when needed. It becomes such a difficult task that people give up, never to attempt it for fear of repeating the whole fiasco once again! 

That’s why Ableworld have worked extremely hard to supply our customers with mobility aids that make travelling both easy and accessible. Our summer sale is in full effect so you can grab a great deal on a wide range of lightweight mobility aids, right now. Be sure to hurry though the offers below expire on October 2nd.

Fancy a Weekend Getaway?

Our powerchairs are currently all £100 off including the Q50 R which sports a lightweight and durable carbon fibre frame, traveling with a powerchair has never been easier. The lightweight frame of the Q50 R means you don’t have to struggle getting it into the car, especially because of its ability to fold into a compact size perfect for any boot.

The Jiffy Elite Auto-Fold is a fantastic foldable scooter that offers the same features, making it another travel buddy option. Currently, you can save a total of £300 on all of our foldable scooters!

The Auto-Fold’s lightweight frame, puncture-proof tyres and shock absorbing front and rear suspension, means you can cross most types of terrain. The Auto-Fold takes just 15 seconds to fold up via a remote-control keychain, meaning both are can be stored in convenient places.

Want to Experience a Hassle-Free Day Trip?

Ableworld also supply lightweight wheelchairs perfect for days out, the Able-lite Wheelchair weighs just 9KG but doesn’t hold back on durability, you can currently save £30 and get this fantastic wheelchair for £279*.

No matter the journey Ableworld has a mobility aid suitable for you. You’re also guaranteed to make a saving with £100 off all boot scooters, £200 off pavement scooters and £250 off road scooters. Our summer sale ends October 2nd, click here to ensure you don’t miss out.

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Keep Fit With Ableworld - Strength Training Part 3

This entry was posted in September 4, 2023

In our previous Health & Fitness blog post we explored the benefits and importance of maintaining our grip strength. In todays blog post we will be exploring the benefits of strength training for our entire body.


The importance of strength training in relation to our overall health has become a huge topic of conversation, with the wider consensus being that it is just as important as aerobic exercise. Whilst aerobic exercise is beneficial for our heart and blood vessels, strength training produces a range of benefits that will see us leading long and enjoyable lives.

Strength training benefits as we age:

  • Being able to complete simple tasks such as carrying our groceries from the car to the house.
  • Reducing the risk of serious injury after taking a fall.
  • Offers protection against illness.
  • Promotes healthier and stronger bones decreasing our chances of musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Increase in cognitive function.
  • Improves bodies response to insulin and helps maintain blood sugar levels, reducing risk of diabetes.

Everyone knows that as we get older, we become prone to more age-related diseases, the question becomes not if but when. Recent research suggests although strength training won’t stop you from contracting illnesses when we are older, it will likely play a role in preventing it for longer.

Do you not worry if you have never taken part in strength training before, there is no time like the present. Keep an eye out for our next blog episode in which we explore simple strength exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Join Ableworld on a journey towards building up strength and living a more independent life.

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