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Ableworld helps Ryan’s Journey towards independence

This entry was posted in July 15, 2021


A few months back a member of ‘Real Men Talk’ visited our Ableworld Mobility Store in Newark. Real Men Talk is a charity set up by a group of friends who have experienced mental health issues. Their aim is to ‘show others it’s good to talk and help others along the way’.

RMT came across a gentleman called Ryan, who they met through their charity. Ryan suffers with a Nerve Tissue Complaint which has made his mobility very limited. Because of this, RMT decided they wanted to surprise Ryan with a new mobility Scooter from Ableworld. RMT began fundraising straight away and overall, they raised an incredible £1000. Ableworld decided to give 20% extra to their fundraising to make the overall cheque £1200.

We liaised a time with Nathan, Paul and Ben, members of RMT, to come into store with Ryan so they could surprise him. When Ryan arrived in store he was greeted by Georgie, Store Manager at Ableworld and he had no idea what was going on. Georgie went on to explain what Real Men Talk and Ableworld have done to help Ryan’s journey to independence. Ryan was completely ‘Overwhelmed’ by the kindness of both Ableworld and RMT. ‘It’s the first time in a very long time I was able to go to Sainsbury’s on my own’ said Ryan, ‘I was telling anybody that would listen to me what Ableworld and my friends at RMT have done for me’. Ryan chose the Sapphire 2 mobility scooter from Ableworld and has since enjoyed using it. Georgie, Store Manager said ‘At one point all four of the men were in tears, it was very humbling to see and I loved working with Real Men Talk to make this happen’.

You can visit your local Ableworld store in Newark at 112 Farndon Road, Newark, NG24 4SE for any Mobility needs.

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Ableworld Donate a Hoist to Wrexham AFC Football Club

This entry was posted in July 1, 2021

Ableworld are thrilled to be a part of Wrexham AFC’s new venture in Powerchair Football by donating an Electric Hoist. Powerchair football is a unique sport that provides opportunities for those with disability. The sport is fast paced, dynamic and very enjoyable to watch.  Due to the unique nature of Powerchair Football it allows all ages, disabilities and both genders to compete together.

Ableworld Specialist, Louise Mason was ecstatic to drop off the football clubs new Ableworld Hoist. The Disability Liaison Officer at Wrexham AFC said “I am blown away by your generosity. Your gift to us will most definitely change lives and will enable Wheelchair bound adults and children the opportunity to be a part of very exciting hobby” We are happy that we could do our best to help with Wrexham AFC’s new sport.

Ableworld offers a wide range of Powerchairs. Powerchairs can be similar to a regular wheelchair, but with the addition of a battery powered motor that takes away all of the effort of pushing a wheelchair. If you have any questions regarding any equipment or if you need any advice, please call your local Ableworld store and we will be happy to help.

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Tips for Gardening During Summer

This entry was posted in June 4, 2021

From mowing your lawn, to tackling weeds or even potting some new plants - Ableworld want to give you some Top Tips on looking after your Garden this Summer. Schedule some time to sit out in the sun (or most likely, the famous British rain), and give your garden some self-care.
  • Make sure you Keep Cool – Think of ways to cool of your yard. Simple shading solutions can be great, such as an umbrella or a sun shade sail, however there are more natural solutions for those who prefer a more organic garden. Why not plant a tree, or place a fountain? Areas under trees can be 20 degrees cooler than adjacent sunny spots. Fountains can be a soothing way to keep call in the sun from a cooling evaporation effect.
  • Keep your deck nice and fresh – Hosing down your deck or patio can make a huge difference to the feel of your garden. It helps it feel fresh, clean and bright which is perfect for the summer months. Clean down any garden furniture with a wet cloth and notice the glisten of your fresh summer garden.
  • Water your pots in the morning and evening – Did you know, it’s best to water your pots and beds first in the morning or last thing at night?
  • Why not try our multi-use Garden Kneeler – Our Garden Kneeler adds a padded base for additional comfort on your knees whilst you work in the garden. It can also be used as a seat to have a rest and soak up that lovely sunshine during the summer. 
  • Raise the Deck when mowing – A lot of lawns look browner over the summer period. This is mainly to do with setting your cutting height to low on the mower. Start higher with your first cut of the year and slowly work your way down to your desired height. Work your way back up to the highest as we move into early Autumn and this will guarantee a greener, fresher lawn.
We hope you enjoyed Ableworld’s top tips on gardening this summer and found them helpful. Happy Gardening. We hope to see you in your local Ableworld store soon.



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Ableworld Rhyl receives MP acknowledgement

This entry was posted in May 20, 2021

Ableworld were delighted to surprise some of their lovely customers with unexpected Random Acts of Kindness. Across the UK Ableworld planned a variety of organised surprises. Ableworld prides itself on outstanding customer service and is fundamental to their aim, which is to provide caring solutions for our customers, enabling them to enjoy greater independence and live more comfortable and active lives.

The random gestures Ableworld have made recently also reflect the caring solutions that they aim to fulfil on a day-to-day basis. They wanted to share some of their Random Acts of Kindness, and thank their loyal customers.

Ableworld were thrilled to be able to surprise a local Rhyl resident. Engineer Scott surprised the gentleman with a lovely bouquet of flowers upon arrival.

Following this Random Act of Kindness, Ableworld Rhyl were delighted to receive a thank you letter from Dr James Davies MP, Member of Parliament for the Vale of Clwyd. Dr James Davies understands “the past 12 months have been undoubtedly been difficult for us all” and therefore was extremely pleased to hear that Ableworld “have been raising spirits by carrying out random acts of kindness for your customers recently”

The Member of Parliament for the Vale of Clwyd thanks Ableworld for “thinking of others and for the caring service that Ableworld provides generally.” Rhyl store manager Craig said “The Ableworld Rhyl team would like to thank Dr James Davies MP for acknowledging all of our hard work and tremendous effort to continually support the local and wider community. It is important to always be approachable while having an empathetic ear and to ensure we can help keep our customers remain independent for longer, whether this is in their own homes, sheltered accommodation, care home or even if they are just visiting the seaside and need to hire a wheelchair or scooter. If any of our customers are unable to visit the store, they can contact us via telephone or email to get the advice they need. We also offer free home demonstrations on many of our products, whether it’s a wheelchair, walker, mobility scooter or even a riser recliner. We are always happy to help.”

Our North Wales stores can be found at:

Ableworld Rhyl – 1 Westbourne Avenue, Rhyl, LL18 1EE. Tel: 01745 336843

Ableworld Llandudno - 16 Mostyn Broadway, Llandudno, LL30 1YL. Tel: 01492 338549

Both stores are Open 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday. And Llandudno is also open 10am – 4pm on Sundays.

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Meet our TV star Rae

This entry was posted in May 18, 2021

Meet our amazing main character and TV superstar, Rae.

Rae kindly voluntereed to be the lead of our recent TV Advert, with a little persuasion from her daughter Jacqui who is part of our Ableworld Newport team. Rae was interested to see what it would be like to film an advert from behind the scenes as she had never done anything like this before. She was quite certain it would be a “Unique and fun thing to do”.

On the day, Rae was patient, hard working and most importantly, made us laugh with her witty humour throughout the day. We are in agreement that all of Rae’s friends would describe her as ‘Fun Loving’, ‘Friendly’ and ‘Approachable’.

Rae admires all of those who have the confidence to stand up in front of an audience and sing, if she had to, her first choice on the karaoke would be ‘I will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor. Whenever Rae has gone through tough times this song has been her ‘mantra’.

Rae loves anything sparkly or glittery. Shoes with glitter, T-shirts with sparkles on… you name something sparkly and Rae loves it. She even gets green with envy when she sees little girls shoes with heels that light up as they walk as she wants a pair herself!

We asked Rae who her hero was and she mentioned it was her Dad. She looks up to everything he instilled in her years ago. “At the time, when I was a teenager, I took no notice of it. But it must have lodged somewhere in my being because I find myself repeating those things and still, at my age, I try and live up to him” Said Rae.

We are delighted and honoured that we could have Rae as part of our TV advert as she was simply brilliant! 

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