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Meet our TV star Rae

This entry was posted in May 18, 2021

Meet our amazing main character and TV superstar, Rae.

Rae kindly voluntereed to be the lead of our recent TV Advert, with a little persuasion from her daughter Jacqui who is part of our Ableworld Newport team. Rae was interested to see what it would be like to film an advert from behind the scenes as she had never done anything like this before. She was quite certain it would be a “Unique and fun thing to do”.

On the day, Rae was patient, hard working and most importantly, made us laugh with her witty humour throughout the day. We are in agreement that all of Rae’s friends would describe her as ‘Fun Loving’, ‘Friendly’ and ‘Approachable’.

Rae admires all of those who have the confidence to stand up in front of an audience and sing, if she had to, her first choice on the karaoke would be ‘I will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor. Whenever Rae has gone through tough times this song has been her ‘mantra’.

Rae loves anything sparkly or glittery. Shoes with glitter, T-shirts with sparkles on… you name something sparkly and Rae loves it. She even gets green with envy when she sees little girls shoes with heels that light up as they walk as she wants a pair herself!

We asked Rae who her hero was and she mentioned it was her Dad. She looks up to everything he instilled in her years ago. “At the time, when I was a teenager, I took no notice of it. But it must have lodged somewhere in my being because I find myself repeating those things and still, at my age, I try and live up to him” Said Rae.

We are delighted and honoured that we could have Rae as part of our TV advert as she was simply brilliant! 

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Meet our TV star Ruby

This entry was posted in May 10, 2021

Meet Ruby, one of the stars from our recent Ableworld TV ad. Ruby is 9 years old and loved being part of our TV Advert. We asked Ruby why she wanted to take part, she said “My mum made me do it, but it was so much fun, I want to do another one!” Ruby was brilliant on the day and lifted spirits with lots of laughter.

Ruby isn’t only a star behind the camera… she's also a star on the pitch as well. She enjoys to play football and she’s even been on the big screen watching her favourite team Aston Villa play. She watches her favourite team play alongside other ladies’ football as often as she can.

We asked Ruby who her hero was, she said “Miss Tomley, my teacher. She is lovely and I would like to be a teacher when I grow up. Or a footballer”

Ruby’s friends would describe her as friendly and her karaoke favourites would be, “Sweet Caroline” (Sang at the top of her voice) by Neil Diamond or “Shotgun” by George Ezra.

A fun fact about Ruby is that she donated 16 inches of her hair and raised £750 for the Little Princess Trust at the start of lockdown – to help other girls and boys.

We are so pleased we could have Ruby as part of our TV advert as she was utterly fantastic!

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Meet our TV star Lindsey

This entry was posted in April 27, 2021

Meet Lindsey, one of the stars from our recent Ableworld TV Ad. Lindsey is a Store Manager at our Ableworld Newport store, and has worked with us for over 16 years! 

When we asked Lindsey why she enjoys working at Ableworld, she said “I enjoy working for Ableworld as we are here for our customer's and I like to make a difference to someone's life by providing a service of care and products to help their needs.” 

Lindsey is a bright and bubbly person which was easily showed on the day of filming our TV advert. Her ease to make everybody around laugh lifted spirits throughout the day. Her friends would describe her as caring and we agree with them too. 

When we asked Lindsey who her hero is and she said her Dad. “He is always there for the family, that is why he is my hero”.

Fun Fact: If Lindsey was to sing on a karaoke night out, her go to song would be ‘Living on a prayer’ by Bon Jovi. 

If you live nearby to our Ableworld Newport store then feel free to pop into store to meet Lindsey where she will happily help with any mobility or stairlift queries. 

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Meet our TV star Mark

This entry was posted in April 23, 2021

Meet Mark, one of the stars from our recent Ableworld TV Ad. Mark joined our Ableworld store in Hanley in September 2020 and has since been a bright and wonderful part of our Ableworld team, filling any room he joins with laughter.

A fun fact about Mark is that he plays guitar. His father would describe him as a ’10 thumbed tone deaf talentless noise polluter’ but Mark thinks he is just jealous.  Mark has a passion for music, in his youth he also used to do Karaoke for a friend. His go to Karaoke song is “Mustang Sally” by Wilson Pickett.

When asking Mark why he enjoys working at Ableworld he said “I enjoy working for Ableworld because I am a great believer in best customer service and I always go home with a smile on my face at the end of the day.”

Mark’s hero is a veteran of the Falklands war, Simon Weston. Simon’s positive mental attitude inspires him. Many of Mark’s friends would also describe him as ‘mental’ (but in a good way). They say he has a constant positive mental attitude. This comes from Mark’s bubbly nature and friendly personality and of course his hero and inspiration, Simon Weston. 

If you live nearby our Ableworld Hanley store then feel free to visit Mark in store and he will happily help with any mobility or stairlift queries you may have. 

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Ableworld Launch New TV Advertising Campaign

This entry was posted in General April 22, 2021

After a full day of filming, weeks of editing, and a whole month of preparation, we are very happy to announce that our new TV advert is finally live. If you haven't already seen it then take a look on our Ableworld Youtube

We have been keen to trial TV advertising for a while, and after careful planning and preparation we recently decided to take the leap. 

We filmed the TV advert at our spacious Ableworld Stafford store, where we were able to comfortably film around our large ranges of mobility products. The Director of the advert, Peter Blumer from Bauer Create, “fell in love” with the store the moment he saw a picture of it. He immediately had a vision of how he wanted the advert to feel and what shots he wanted in order to produce an engaging story board.

Ceri Dixon, our Senior Marketing Manager, said “We had so much fun on the day of filming, the actors, our staff and the filming company were all great at making sure we portrayed what Ableworld is really about.

“We feel the advert captures our ethical approach to mobility equipment, and friendly atmosphere extremely well!”

As well as our well stocked and immaculate store, we were lucky to have our fantastic store staff and willing volunteers feature within the advert, some of which you may recognise from our Ableworld Hanley or Newport stores. 

Overall we are delighted with the result of our TV advert, and hope you enjoy watching it too. We would love to hear any feedback you may have, simply email us at [email protected] 

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