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Injury Supports

Our Injury Supports range features mobility supports for the most commonly prone injured areas of the body, including the wrist, arm, shoulder, back, hand and knee. All our supports work by providing protection, effective compression and easing pain relief of joints or muscles. Our supports will ensure you can move around and undertake daily living tasks with ease, and facilitate any required injury process. 

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Gel Heel Cups


  • Available in UK Size 6-8.
  • Help to aid foot and heel pain and also heel spur indications.
  • Reduce hard skin build up.
Elastic Wrist Support

From £000000000000006996.99

  • Helps retain heat.
  • Suitable for sport and everyday use.
  • Comfortable, but effective support.
Foam Arm Sling


  • Used after injury to the wrist or arm.
  • Promotes healing and comfort.
  • Foam strap carries the weight around the neck comfortably.
Elastic Ankle Support

From £000000000000008498.49

  • Gives support to weak & injured ankles.
  • Comfortably contours to the shape of your ankle.
  • Available in sizes Small- X Large.
Elastic Elbow Support

From £000000000000008498.49

  • Provides even compression & support to weakened & injured elbows.
  • No seams allow for comfortable contouring & reduction of swelling.
  • Multiple sizes.
Elastic Ankle Wrap

From £000000000000009999.99

  • Gives compression to weak & injured ankles.
  • Wrap around support with attachment hook.
  • Reduces swelling on injured ankle muscles & joints.
Wrist And Thumb Support

From £0000000000000104910.49

  • Aids in muscle therapy.
  • Gives maximum relief and comfort.
  • Stabilises your thumb and wrist and CMC joint.
Gel Toe Separators


  • Available in a UK size 6-8
  • Provides comfortable relief.
  • Correct bunion deformity.
Elastic Knee Support

From £0000000000000109910.99

  • Protection and support for weak and injured knees.
  • Reduction of swelling and provides temporary pain relief.
  • Can be worn immediately after an acute injury.
Arm Sling


  • Provides support for wrist and arm pain and injuries.
  • Can use it on either the left or right arm.
  • Keeps the opposing shoulder free.
Hot And Cold Pack With Band


  • Used for both cryotherapy and thermal therapy
  • Relieves pain from the elbow and wrist and ankle and neck
  • Reusable and helps with swelling
Arch Insole

From £0000000000000134913.49

  • Available in sizes Small - Large.
  • Won't develop an odour even after extended use.
  • Proper foot alignment.
Tennis Elbow Strap With Pad

From £0000000000000139913.99

  • Available in sizes Small - X Large.
  • Assists in the treatment of tennis, throwers and golfers elbow.
  • Helps with Repetitive Strain Injury.
Cervical Collar

From £0000000000000139913.99

  • Available in sizes Small - X Large.
  • Offers support with neck muscle strain.
  • Helps Acute Wry Neck and Cervical spondylosis.
Elastic Knee Stabiliser

From £0000000000000139913.99

  • Available in sizes Small - X Large.
  • Provides compression and support for weak and injured knees.
  • Comfortably contours to the shape of your knee.
Bunion Aider


  • Can be used on both feet and hands.
  • Anti-slip foam
  • Protects the sensitive area of the forefoot.
Knee Kit Heat Pad


  • Reusable heat pads that provide instant heat
  • Fits comfortably around your knee or elbow
  • Ideal for targeting aches and pains improving poor circulation
Adjustable Tennis Elbow


  • Prevention and the treatment of tennis elbow.
  • Useful for repetitive strain injury.
  • Provides compression.
Advanced Wrist Support


  • Full, robust protection against muscle and joint injuries.
  • Comfortable and secure fit.
  • Helps retain heat and gives a thorough airflow system.
Patella Strap


  • Used for a number of different knee problems.
  • Puts pressure through the patella tendon.
  • Improves kneecap movement.
Sorbson Heel Pad

From £0000000000000154915.49

  • Available in sizes Small - X Large.
  • Alleviates impact forces and keep your feet healthy.
  • Reduces stress and strain on the ankles and knees and lower back.
Back Kit Heat Pad


  • Includes specially-shaped reusable heat pads.
  • Fits comfortably around your lower back or tummy.
  • Ideal for targeting aches and pains.
Neoprene Back Support


  • Provides extra strength, flexibility and comfort.
  • Helps to prevent injuries.
  • Retains the users body heat.
Wrist And Thumb Support With Strap

From £0000000000000189918.99

  • Ideal for people with tenosynovitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Comfortable and stable fit.
  • Retains heat to relieve pain.
Full Wrist And Thumb Support

From £0000000000000199919.99

  • Aids in muscle therapy.
  • Helps to retain body heat and increase blood circulation.
  • Stabilises your thumb, wrist and CMC joint.
Wrist Splint


  • Helps retain heat and has a healthy airflow system.
  • Provides wrist protection against muscle and joint injuries.
  • Help to promote recovery.
Knee Support

From £0000000000000214921.49

  • Highly effective compression, support and warmth to the knee.
  • Increases heat retention and promotes faster healing.
  • Protection and support against general wear and tear.
Arthritic Adjustable Knee Wrap

From £0000000000000269926.99

  • Temporary pain relief from a range of conditions.
  • Raises the temperature beneath the skin.
  • Increases blood flow to the knee.
Arthritic Gloves

From £0000000000000299929.99

  • Good levels of comfort and all-round compression.
  • Help to keep the hands warm and mobile.
  • Help to ease pain often caused by Arthritis.
Elastic Back Stabiliser


  • Provides compression.
  • Designed to minimise swelling and provide general support.
  • Breathable knit for maximum ventilation.
Hot And Cold Wrap With 2 Pack


  • Used for both cryotherapy and thermal therapy
  • Helps to reduce swelling and relieve pain
  • Suitable for the elbow or thigh or knee and ankle
Low Stock
Hinged Knee Brace

From £0000000000000369936.99

  • Provides medial and lateral support.
  • Used for stabilisation and support of the knee.
  • Offers light uniform support above and below the knee.
Shoulder Support

From £0000000000000379937.99

  • Provides compression and support to the shoulder.
  • Aids healing of the shoulder.
  • Provides therapeutic warmth.
Back Support


  • Provides maximum support to the mid and lower back.
  • Allows for a wide range of adjustable compression.
  • Doesn't restrict normal movement.
Hernia Belt

From £0000000000000459945.99

  • Asserts concentrated pressure upon groin ailments.
  • Relieves pain and provide inguinal hernia support.
  • Allows for carefree coughing, standing and sitting.
Lumbar Support

From £0000000000000459945.99

  • Provides pain relief and compression.
  • Ideal for muscle injuries and general lower back dysfunctions.
  • Offers additional support and adjustable side straps.