Ableworld's Code of Conduct

When away from the office/company premises staff must always clearly identify themselves by producing their Picture ID Card, showing they have undergone a DBS Check and state their reason for calling.

As a minimum, staff should be expected to adhere to the provisions of the Code of Conduct listed below.

I hereby agree to abide by the above Code of Conduct and undertake to:

Act in a manner befitting a professional worker in the healthcare field.  Never use inappropriate selling tactics.  Never use high pressure selling techniques.

On home visits, don’t stay longer than three hours and always leave if requested to do so by the customer.

Obey the law of the land.

Always act in a way so as to promote and safeguard the well-being and interest of your customers.

Ensure you don’t do anything – or forget to do anything – which could be detrimental to the condition or general safety of a customer.

Take every reasonable opportunity to maintain and enhance your knowledge and competence in your chosen field.

Always acknowledge your limitations – don’t take on any function without proper training and assessment of your competence.

Ensure you are aware of the service offered by Local Authorities, NHS, employment service, major charities and other agencies potentially of relevance and help to your customers.

Be aware of, and provide details of where your customers can go for further professional or medical assistance, if required before a purchase decision is made.

Make sure you clearly identify yourself and if making a house call, your reason for calling.  Never visit without a mutually agreed appointment.

Provide the customer with literature and price in advance of a visit.

Never object to another person being present.

Be aware of circumstances where VAT relief may apply and advise your customers how to obtain it.

Ensure any claims or statements on performance and safety are honest and truthful and comply with any standards required or claimed.  You and ultimately the company will be held responsible for any falsehoods.

Your company should ensure spare parts for any medical device are available for at least five years from date of final manufacture.

Technical training, spare parts lists and preventative maintenance schedules should be available to any appropriate person on request.

Where additional warranties are relevant, ensure they are offered.



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