Single Motor Riser Recliners

At Ableworld with our extensive range of Riser Recliner chairs we are sure to have the perfect chair to suit your individual needs. Our Single Motor Riser Recliners range are the most basic recliners in our chair range, however they still offer valuable support and independence to help you stay comfortable in your own home. Our single motor chairs are controlled by the handset, and will allow the chair to recline backwards, and also raise the footrest at the same time. The handset allows the user to control the chair themselves to find the most relaxing position to suit.

Our wide range of Single motor riser recliner chairs includes various shapes and sizes, so we can find the most suited solution for you. We also have our range of Dual Motor chairs too, if these better suit your needs. If you would like to visit your Local Ableworld store then you are more than welcome to try our full Chair range out, and receive our expert advice and support. 



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