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Kitchen Accessories

Our Kitchen Accessories are designed to make daily activities in the kitchen a little easier for those who struggle. Our range of products make the kitchen more accessible for those with limited mobility, giving the independence to cook and dine. Our selection of Kitchen Accessories can help those with arthritis or limited dexterity, as we have slip resistant items and Grip sets to help with hand strength. All our items are available to order from our website, or to purchase in your nearest Ableworld store. 

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Blue Safety Strip

£1.79 000000000000002152.15 inc VAT)

  • Provide bespoke solutions to grip issues
  • Can be easily moulded or wrapped around objects and handles
  • Improves grip
Anti Slip Coasters

£6.49 000000000000007797.79 inc VAT)

  • Made from silicone rubber.
  • Have excellent grip qualities on flat surfaces.
  • Easily removed with no residue left behind.
Slip Resistant Tray


  • Perfect for use with carrying food or drinks in the home.
  • Avoids spillage accidents.
  • Hand wash only.
Derby Food Preparation Board

£9.16 0000000000000109910.99 inc VAT)

  • Creates a stable preparation surface.
  • Designed for those with limited hand use.
  • Prevents food from slipping around when spreading.
Anti Slip Mat Extreme


  • Mainly used for when you need grip on the move.
  • Ideal for motorised scooters and boat interiors and motorhomes.
  • Will grip at a quite steep angle.
Anti Slip Material Roll

£12.91 0000000000000154915.49 inc VAT)

  • Provide bespoke solutions to grip issues.
  • Can be used in a serving tray or on a wheelchair foot plate.
  • Can be cut into shape and size required.
Kitchen Grip Set


  • Ideal for opening bottles and jars and pill containers.
  • Provide firm grip and hold. Useful arthritis or any condition that weakens hand grip.
Kettle Tipper Aidapt

£19.99 0000000000000239923.99 inc VAT)

  • Raised pivot point to prevent spillage.
  • Returns to its upright position if released by the user.
  • Ideal for users with limited dexterity and a weakened grip.
Cordless Kettle Tipper

£34.99 0000000000000419941.99 inc VAT)

  • Clamps to your kettle and holds it in place securely.
  • Improve kitchen safety.
  • Helps you pour boiling water more easily.
Uccello Tipping Kettle

£51.99 0000000000000623962.39 inc VAT)

  • Designed using PowerPour technology.
  • Allows easy water-fill and steady pour amount.
  • Comes equipped with safety shut-off feature.