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We offer a range of Footcare all with the support of your feet in mind. Our Footcare range consists of Slippers and Socks for both ladies and men, providing comfortable and hygienic options to accommodate for different needs. Our Slippers all feature a velcro fastening, and many with a wide opening, to ensure they are adjustable and easy to get on and off. Our Socks are incorporated with stretch technology and flat toes to prevent abrasion and discomfort. If possible, we would recommend visiting your local Ableworld store to try our Slipper range on to get the perfect size. 

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Memory Foam Insoles


  • Dementia Friendly.
  • Offers pain relief from bunions and swollen feet and joints.
  • Moulds to your feet to prevent heel shock.
Gel Heel Cups


  • Available in UK Size 6-8.
  • Help to aid foot and heel pain and also heel spur indications.
  • Reduce hard skin build up.
Arch Insole


  • Available in sizes Small - Large.
  • Won't develop an odour even after extended use.
  • Proper foot alignment.
Andrea Slipper

From £14.87 0000000000000178417.84 inc VAT)

  • Available in sizes 3-7
  • Ideal if you have swelling feet.
  • Slip-resistant sole that keeps feet steady on the ground.
Nola Slipper

From £19.83 0000000000000237923.79 inc VAT)

  • Available in Sizes: 3-7
  • Extra wide fit for added comfort and ease of change.
  • Rubber sole for cushion comfort and hardwearing outer sole.
Rhona Slipper

From £20.53 0000000000000246424.64 inc VAT)

  • Available in sizes 4-8
  • Adjustable design to accommodate for swelling.
  • Rubber sole for cushion comfort and hardwearing outer sole.
Brompton Slipper

From £24.08 0000000000000288928.89 inc VAT)

  • Available in sizes 7-11
  • Wide fitted.
  • Slip-resistant sole & Anti-shock cushioning.
Elastmax Silicon Insoles

From £0000000000000354935.49

  • Available in sizes 4-12.
  • Offers greater cushioning and comfort.
  • Ideal for foot pain ans tissue breakdown and those that are post-surgery.