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Safety & Security

Our Safety & Security products are designed to help you feel safe in your everyday life, with products to use in and around the home. These products are increasingly popular with those who live on their own, or need assistance regularly. All of the items in this range are available to order from our website, or be purchased in your local Ableworld store. 

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Bike And Scooter Lock


  • Portable lock providing the best protection.
  • Will fit comfortably around parts of a mobility scooter.
  • Lock also comes with 2 keys.
Safetybeam Border Patrol

£16.66 0000000000000199919.99 inc VAT)

  • Can alert you to someone falling or getting out of bed.
  • Perfect for use whilst caring for the elderly or children.
  • Versatile as a safety or burglar alarm for home.
Anti Vibration Scooter Alarm


  • 6 Alarm sounds.
  • Wireless range of 10 to 20 metres.
  • Deterrent to potential theft.
Key Safe


  • Supplied with the required fixings to securely fit it outside.
  • Will fit to most surfaces including concrete & brick.
  • Comes with a durable & fully waterproof rubber cover.
Easy Read Big Button Telephone


  • Ideal if you struggle with hearing / vision.
  • 3 speed dial memory.
  • Adjustable receiver volume.
Sensor Mat

£29.99 0000000000000359935.99 inc VAT)

  • Used on top of a mattress under a sheet.
  • Helps monitor loved ones ensuring they don't rise from bed.
  • Can be used in a doorway to alarm when someone leaves.
Picture Dial Telephone

£31.98 0000000000000383838.38 inc VAT)

  • Gives you and your loved ones peace of mind.
  • Easy to set up and with six direct programmable photo buttons.
  • Optical flashing alert of an incoming call.
Voice Alert Alarm

£37.49 0000000000000449944.99 inc VAT)

  • Can sound four different alarm or voice commands.
  • Ideal for those hard of hearing or sight. Can record their own alert message.
Home Safety Alert

£44.99 0000000000000539953.99 inc VAT)

  • 3 speed dial memory for emergency.
  • Make dialling a lot easier.
  • Flashing indicator.
Digitial Key Safe


  • Ideal security aid for all households.
  • Will secure to most outdoor surfaces including concrete & brick.
  • Fits 2-3 cylinder keys