Choosing The Right Rollator

A rollator or walking frame is a fantastic way to aid mobility without resorting to a wheelchair. Unlike a walking stick you are able to support your whole body and it allows you to have an even weight distribution. They’re also great for running errands as often they can accommodate shopping bags or extra items you may need.

Your safety, or that of a family member, should be at the top of your list when considering any mobility product such as a tri wheel walker or rollator. When looking at which model is good for you please take the time to consider the following-


Would a seat be your feature of choice when choosing a 4 or tri wheel walker? Seating is ideal for people who wish to use their frame to run errands or go shopping with. This will allow them to take breaks throughout the trip so they don’t get too tired. However, you may find that if you wish to have a frame for around the home it isn’t necessary to have a seat but you may find a tray of more use.

Ground conditions 

Dependent on what you’ll use your three or four wheel rollator for you’ll need to consider what type of wheels it should come with. If you’re looking to use it over uneven terrain you will need to consider a frame with bigger wheels. However, if used lightly indoors then smaller, thinner wheels will suffice.

Handle height and brakes 

Make sure that the height of the walker will suit your needs. When using any mobility aid you need to make sure you put no pressure on the body which may results in sores or injuries and make sure that the handles are what you’d feel comfortable with.


Make sure that the 3 or 4 wheel rollator has parking brakes so that you can secure it if you were to sit or lean against the frame.

So, time for the options....

3 Wheel Walkers

3 wheel walkers are often a great option for anyone who struggles with lifting items or will regularly lift it in and out of the car or public transport. Tri wheel rollators often tend to be far lighter which is great for manoeuvrability and will fold away easily for storage or transportation.

In addition they often come with a storage bag as it fits comfortably in the V-shape of its steel or aluminium frame which is great for those avid shoppers.

4 Wheel Walkers

4 Wheel walkers are fantastic for anyone who struggles with balance or has a preference to leaning on one side more than the other. A four wheel rollator will provide even balance and will allow you to put all weight on the frame without the worry of it becoming unbalanced. In addition the four wheel walkers offer the seating option which is hugely beneficial if you spend long periods of time out and about where you may wish to take a rest.

Some models also have the option of a tray or storage unit underneath the seat which can come in very handy around the home.

What key elements should I bear in mind?

Weight limits Most larger mobility aids have a weight limit which will allow you to be as safe as possible. Check you’re comfortably within the weight limit so the product can work to its best and if you’re concerned maybe consider our bariatric rollator.

For additional information on choosing the right rollator for you please watch our Guide to Rollators, Walkers and Walking Frames video above. 

Furthermore do not hesitate to contact your local Ableworld store for advice.



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