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Knee Kit Heat Pad

Knee Kit Heat Pad


The Knee Heat Pad Kit consists of two gel heat pads and a strap with built-in holders. The gel pads are activated by clicking the integral metal disc and will exude heat for up to two hours afterwards. They can be used to provide warmth and heat therapy to injured and sore parts of the body. The strap allows them to be positioned over the elbow or knee joints but they can also be used independently wherever the pain exists. The Knee Heat Pad Kit is also reusable and requires no other power source making it an environmentally friendly treatment option.


The Knee Kit Head Pad features specially-shaped, reusable heat pads that provide instant heat with just one click.

Comes complete with a soft, flexible cover with hook and loop tape fastening for a perfect, secure fit and hands free use.

Designed to fit comfortably around your knee or elbow, but also suitable for use as pocket, glove or hand warmers when used without the cover.

This pair of instant heat pads is ideal for targeting aches and pains improving poor circulation and soothing injuries.

When you ‘click’ and bend the metal disc inside the pads it heats the whole heat pad in seconds with no other power source required.

To reuse the heart pads, heat in gently simmering water to melt the crystals back to the original liquid state.

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