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Cervical Collar

Cervical Collar

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The Cervical Collar is highly effective and comfortable to wear. This orthopaedic aid is also very supportive and helps to ensure reliable immobilisation of the neck following injury or during the treatment of a condition or illness. This Cervical Collar is particularly useful in the treatment of conditions such as osteoporosis. The Cervical Collar is available in four different sizes enabling you to select the size that will fit your neck perfectly.

Size / Colour:


The Cervical Collar offers support and gentle immobilisation of the cervical spine and keeps it in a neutral or anatomic position, helping the healing process. 

Made with a velcro closure, the Cervical Collar is comfortable to wear and easy to wash.

The collar also has a latex free design that prevents it from irritating your skin and ensures a higher level of comfort.

How to use: Please measure around the circumference of the neck. Apply to the neck before fastening the hook and loop closure, make sure the head and neck are in a neutral position, then fasten the hook and loop closure strap securely.

Helps to assists in the treatment of:
• Acute wry neck
• Cervical spondylosis
• Neck muscle strain

Small: 11-13.2” / 27.9-33.7cm

Medium: 13.2-15.2” / 33.7-38.7cm

Large: 15.2-17.2” / 38.7-43.8cm

X Large: 17.2-19” / 43.8-48.3cm

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