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A Guide to Urinary Incontinence

This entry was posted in General September 7, 2017

In the United Kingdom alone, between 3 and 6 million people suffer or have suffered from urinary incontinence at some point in their lives. While incontinence is a topic that many don’t want to discuss, it is a reality for many people awaiting a diagnosis or going through the often ignored aspects of ageing and side effects of particular illnesses. The term incontinence can be described as the involuntary lack of control over bladder liquid, resulting in loss of urine. Incontinence, while being a source of stress for many people is not a disease, rather a symptom of other conditions. Urinary incontinence might be caused by childbirth damage, pressure on the bladder (such as pregnancy or excessive weight), surgery, trauma following a stroke, enlarged prostate, menopause, neurological conditions, connective tissue disorders and the use of certain medications. Although there are many types of urinary incontinence the most common include:

Stress Incontinence

This type of urinary incontinence happens during physical movement that puts pressure on the bladder and leads to the occasional leak of urine. This is not a constant issue but it is very uncomfortable when laughing, coughing, exercising or sneezing.

Urge Incontinence

This type of incontinence is very common and it manifests with the sudden urge to urinate, often leading to leakage before it is possible to reach the toilet.

Mixed Incontinence

People who suffer from this type of incontinence experience the symptoms of two or more types, the most common being stress and urge incontinence.

Functional Incontinence

Unlike any other type, functional incontinence is caused by physical or mental barriers. People who suffer from this type of incontinence do not recognise the need to go or cannot access the toilet, leading to various degrees of urine loss.

Overflow Incontinence

This type of incontinence happens when the bladder is not properly emptied, leading to overflow and leakage.

Total Incontinence

Total incontinence is experienced when the bladder is incapable of storing any liquid, leading to a constant flow of urine.

There are a wide range of products available to help those experiencing incontinence, including:

Bed pads and seat pads

They are a great way to protect your furniture.

Underwear protection

Briefs are available as a re-usable, washable option or as a disposable alternative.


Incontinence pads can be used within normal underwear for varying incontinence levels, from light to heavy incontinence.

Skin Care

Skin should always be cleaned and hydrated with specific products to avoid redness, soreness and infections.  

When you are choosing the best incontinence products you should consider:

  • Absorption, to avoid discomfort and minimise leakage;

  • Kindness on skin. The materials used for incontinence products and the ingredients used in your preferred skincare range should not lead to soreness or irritation;

  • Comfort. After consulting our staff and choosing the best option for you, it is important to find a shape and product that fits you and your lifestyle;

  • Type of protection. Many women when struggling with incontinence use sanitary pads as opposed to specially designed incontinence pads out of economic convenience and/ or embarrassment. However, they are built for different purposes and therefore ineffective for incontinence issues. In the same way, different incontinence products are suitable for different needs, consult our staff for the best type of protection for you.

Most people struggling with incontinence are embarrassed about their condition and avoid asking questions or getting the help they need. At Ableworld we know how difficult it is to find the right incontinence products. This is why we provide free samples of our continence range for our customers to take home and test. We can help you choose the right products for you and give you the advice you need without judgment, as we pride ourselves in our ability to protect the dignity of our customers and anybody who comes to us for help.

When struggling with incontinence, the most important thing to remember is that it is a very common issue that millions of people struggle with every day and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is possible to lead an active, sociable and regular lifestyle despite the struggle, by finding the right products that fit your specific needs. Contact us for more information.


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Strokes: A Family Guide

This entry was posted in General August 30, 2017

Strokes, depending on the location of the brain affected make everyday life a challenge for both the victim and their family.A Family guide to Strokes by Ableworld Following a stroke the damage might prevent movement and lead to confusion and memory problems. However difficult this might be, according to the extent of the damage there are a lot of options available to promote independent and active living that make everyday tasks a lot easier. Make sure the home is as safe as possible in terms of carpeting, lighting, exposure of electrical cords and width of doorways. Have a look at our guide to see how each room can be prepared for a stroke survivor:



Minimising clutter might seem like an obvious first step, however it is vital for the patient’s safety and independent living. When clutter is minimised, everyday items can be found much more easily and a person can move from one side of the house to another even in a confused state. Furniture's corners should also be covered with foam padding to avoid bruising and moved against the walls of each room. Make sure all hazardous electrical cords are hidden as it could be extremely dangerous to be exposed to them while on a confused state. It is also a good practice to remove any rugs and mats that could get in the way and cause tripping, alternatively they could be taped to the floor. If the stroke survivor is using a wheelchair, you need to make sure the doors are wide enough for the chair to go through them, the carpet in their house should also be appropriate as thick carpeting can prevent the wheels’ movement.



Bathrooms are some of the most dangerous rooms for a stroke survivors, however they don’t need to be with the right equipment. Make sure you stick non-slip mats at the bottom of the shower or the bath and have grab bars installed as these will help them get in and out easily, minimising dangers of slipping. Using a bath seat might also be a necessity depending on their ability to stand.



It is good practice to organise the room so that all necessities are lowered down and readily available to minimise confusion and make it easier for the victim to get back to normal everyday tasks. According to the severity of the damage, some people can be bed bound or have difficulty getting in and out of bed independently. In these cases bed levers, trays  and even special beds might be essential.Getting dressed and undressed independently might also be a challenge, however, there are a lot of dressing aids available on the market to make the process easier.




Reorganising the kitchen for a person that has just suffered a stroke does not have to be expensive and or unmanageable. If the stroke survivor is now on a wheelchair and cannot reach the majority of the high shelves, make sure all essentials are readily available on the side for their convenience. The use of straws, scoop bowls/ dishes, safe cutlery and bibs might also be a necessity according to the damage caused, so make sure you stock up on new kitchen sets that are stroke-friendly. It also probably a good idea to buy appliances that turn themselves off automatically in case they are forgotten and cause a fire.



Stairs can be a dangerous hazard for many stroke sufferers. Make sure the lighting is very bright and the carpet / floor does not present any potentially dangerous irregularities to avoid tripping and missing steps. Adding a stairlift to the staircase might also be a necessity for many victims as well as promoting their independence and general comfort.


The best advice we can give when it comes to preparing a stroke victim’s home for their arrival is to plan ahead. Everyday tasks might become very challenging but not impossible to tackle. Preparing each room with the victim in mind will make life much easier for everyone involved. Make sure you consult our guide for some advice and contact us for more information.

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6 ‘Junk Foods’ That Aren’t As Bas As You Think For Diabetics

This entry was posted in General July 6, 2017

Often when you hear the word diabetes yummy food doesn’t spring to mind! Here are 6 ‘junk foods’ that aren’t as bad as you might think for a diabetic. 

1. Full Fat Yoghurt

Full fat yoghurt for diabetics is often far better than low fat yogurts (believe it or not!). When products have a low or reduced fat content it’s often compensated with added sugar or carbs to help with the flavour. As you might know carbs and sugars contribute to raised blood glucose levels which as a diabetic isn’t good!

2. Red Meat

Although there are always contradicting opinions on red meat you will find it’s a main source of protein for low carb dieters.

3. Pork Scratchings

If you choose the real pork scratching and not the crisp versions, they’re fairly easy on the blood glucose levels since they’re really just fat and sodium.

4. Nuts

Nuts often confuse people, you either get people who appreciate they’re healthy so they eat them in the masses, not appreciating their fat content, or you get people who appreciate the high fat content so deem them unhealthy.

Although it’s best to eat nuts in moderations (whatever diet you’re on), due to their high fat content they’re a really good source of unsaturated fat, vitamins, fibre and antioxidants.

5. Eggs

have a lot of bad press for containing bad cholesterol but they can actually keep your glucose levels down. Try them as a snack or as part of a meal to keep you fuller for longer.

6. Chocolate

ChocolateYou did read correctly…if you choose the right kind, chocolate really isn’t all that bad! If you choose a dark chocolate with 80% plus cocoa you’ll reduce the carbs content. If you find it a little too bitter why not melt it down and add nuts or fruit zest and put it back in the fridge to set!

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Ableworld are Expanding!

This entry was posted in General July 6, 2017

Ableworld are pleased to announce we’re planning to invest in the North East and North Wales by opening three new stores, creating employment for over 10. The company currently has thirty stores throughout the UK. Plans are well advanced to relocate the Darlington store to larger premises and also to open a new store in Stockton-On-Tees and a mobility shop in Rhyl.
The new stores are due to open in spring 2016 and before that Ableworld will be offering
its attractively-priced range of quality stairlifts from a separate site in Middlesbrough. As well as
stairlifts, the three Ableworld stores will have a large selection of riser-recliner chairs, adjustable
beds, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, Continence support and a wide range of other products to help customers’ to lead more independent lives.

Ableworld is looking to staff its new stores with enthusiastic sales people, engineers and managers who have the ability to deal sympathetically and professionally with Ableworld’s predominantly elderly customer base. Full training will be given to all successful applicants.

If you are interested in joining a growing company and learning more about Ableworld and the job vacancies available please visit their website

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Welcome to Ableworld’s New Blog!

This entry was posted in General July 6, 2017

With an ever growing range of mobility products at a touch of a button it can sometimes become an overwhelming experience when choosing the right product for your needs. Here at Ableworld we combine excellent customer service, value for money products and our extensive experience in the mobility and disability world to provide fantastic information which enables you to make the right purchase for you.Ableworld logo

We’ll always keep you up to date with the latest industry news, events and demonstrations we may be attending and information on mobility products.

With a new, fresh and easy to navigate site it couldn’t be easier to gain extra knowledge and find specifications of mobility aids you may wish to purchase. Don’t forget that we also have 22 stores across the UK so if you’d rather talk to one of our experienced and friendly staff feel free to find your local store.

In addition to keeping up to date with Ableworld on this blog you can also find us on Twitter, Google + and Facebook. Why not like us on Facebook? We’ve currently got a competition to WIN a £100 Ableworld voucher! Click here for details.

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A Busy Wigan Mobilty Shop!

This entry was posted in General July 6, 2017

Here at Ableworld, it’s all hands on deck as our Wigan mobility shop gets ready for launch!
We started the week with the final touches to the paint work and then moved on to the racking in preparation for our stock arriving.
The racking went up without a glitch (thankfully!) so it was all set and ready to go!
Throughout today our signage has gone up (and looks amazing! If we do say so ourselves) and the stock is starting to arrive.
All our staff are having great fun, even though there long days.
We can’t wait to see the shop finished and launched! Keep an eye on the blog, facebook and twitter for the latest pictures.


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Free Ferrule Safety Check

This entry was posted in General July 5, 2017

Ableworld Walking Stick

Now that the nights are drawing in and the winter weather has arrived have you considered getting yourself ready for winter?

Here at Ableworld we are dedicated to keeping people safe so we are offering a FREE ferrule check for your walking sticks, walking frames and crutches in all of our stores. The ferrule is the rubber cap at the end of your walking stick, crutch or on the legs of a walking frame and it can easily suffer wear and tear if used regularly so it’s best to get it checked. With fully trained staff in all of our stores across the UK, pop in and ask them to check over your mobility product and they will give honest and professional advice.Ferrule

We do also have 10% off Ferrules at the moment so if you do feel they need replacing, now is an ideal time.

To find your nearest Ableworld mobility store visit our website here

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