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Dementia Friendly Ableworld

This entry was posted in General May 22, 2018

At Ableworld we are very proud to support Alzheimer’s Society and be part of the Dementia Friends initiative. In the UK there are currently over 850,000 people who are affected by Dementia, which is said to rise to 2 million people by 2051. The majority of people think that it can only affect the elderly, a statement that is not true. Over 42,000 people Under 65 in the UK currently suffer from early onset dementia. At Ableworld we want to support those living with Dementia by understanding the difficulties and take actions to help ease these throughout everyday living.

Here at Ableworld we support the Dementia Friends initiative, run by Alzheimer’s Society. With guidance from our Dementia Champions, all of our staff undergo a Dementia Friends session. The initiative primarily aims to change the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about Dementia, by helping everybody to understand Dementia as a whole. The Dementia Friends initiative features structured Information sessions and Online videos, both of which help you to learn a lot more about Dementia and know the small ways you can help. From these sessions all of our staff understand the difficulties that people living with Dementia can face and helpful ways we can assist our customers in store.

In our Ableworld stores all of our products are designed to help with the ease of general mobility overall, although we are proud to sell products that are specifically Dementia Friendly. We are proud of these products and with our Dementia Friends knowledge we love showing them to our customers. Examples of the Dementia Friendly products that are available online and in our stores are:

  • Our 3 Key Turner, a moulded plastic turner that is designed to give a larger grip and stronger leverage to help turn the key. This is an ideal product to assist people that have weakened joints or limited hand grip.
  • Our Red Grab Rails, ideal for those living with Dementia to find and use the grab rails more easily. The contrast in colour is perfect in making these rails more identifiable, and the material ensures these rails are anti-slip, even when wet. These rails can be installed vertically or horizontally onto any wall and are available in varied lengths or in an angled position.
  • Furthermore our Anti Slip Material Roll can be used to maintain independence for people living with Dementia. This roll is used to prevent objects slipping, or can be used as a grip around objects or utensils, such as cutlery. This roll helps specifically with aiding a limited or weakened muscle grip.

At Ableworld we are continuously aiming to bring in more Dementia Friendly products each day that are designed to help with the everyday life of a person living with Dementia. All of our Dementia Friendly products can be illustrated by our Dementia Friends store staff, who will be happy to show you relevant products to assist for varying needs. To find your Local Ableworld Store please click here

For further information about becoming a Dementia Friend or Champion please visit  

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Lights Camera Action 

This entry was posted in General May 1, 2018

Are you looking for step by step, easy to understand, advice on mobility aids that may be able to help you remain independent for longer? We hope that Ableworld may have the answer to some of your questions with our new online videos and “how to” guides.

It is important for us here at Ableworld that we are able to take the next step in helping our customers in finding the right products for your needs with step by step videos.

Our new videos come hand in hand with the recent introduction of the quarterly Ableworld Magazine Independence, and our appearance on TV in the Manchester area, showing everyone that we are committed in going to extra mile for our customers.

We had the great pleasure of teaming up a local video production company, Keystone creative, to make our Ableworld videos to help you choose the right mobility aid.

Our main aim was to keep our videos personal to Ableworld as we want to ensure our customers feel comfortable with the advice we are offering. We didn’t hire in actors or film in a big white studio as that isn’t the reality of the Mobility world – our customers are. We used our own friendly staff (with a little bit of arm twisting) and we made sure that all of the advice we talk about is exactly the same as how you would be informed if you walked into any of our 34 stores around the UK. We get a lot of customers who may be afraid to come into store and ask questions so we hope that these short videos help our customers to understand how a mobility aid, or service could help them, while remaining in the comfort of their own home.

Our short videos include:

We had great fun on set during the filming within our Specialist Equipment area in Shrewsbury store and had plenty of customers watching as Trevor and the team at Keystone worked their magic with our willing staff members.

Massive thanks goes out to Julie from Ableworld Nantwich, Darren from Ableworld Hanley, Aaron from Ableworld Chester, Ryan one of our Stairlift Engineers and Ashley our Mobility Equipment engineer from Shrewsbury – feel free to ask them for their autographs if you pop into store.

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Independence Magazine Out Now!

This entry was posted in General April 27, 2018

Hold the front page – the new quarterly Ableworld Magazine “Independence” is out now – collect your free copy from any Ableworld store or read it online here.Independence Magazine

At Ableworld we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best possible service whether that be with mobility equipment, information or advice from our friendly staff, and we wanted to take an extra step in supporting our customers. Which is why we have started publishing a quarterly magazine called Independence which focuses on the needs and issues that our customers experience on a daily basis. We want to reassure our customers that we are here to help them remain independent for as long as possible.

The ‘Independence’ magazine provides readers with a variety of articles, news and views which we think our customers will find useful. The magazine is about our customers not us, here at Ableworld. The majority of the content is aimed at providing interesting and useful reading for the thousands of people who already shop with us and all those who visit our website and stores for the first time.

Our first edition is already proving to be very popular with our customers. Edition one features many useful articles including “How to make the most of your Retirement”, “Staying Safe Online” and “Why people choose an Adjustable Bed” plus many more including an opportunity to win a Uccello Tipping Kettle.

We are keen to feature relevant organisations, charities, and companies that have services and products that the Ableworld magazine readers would find interesting and useful. We would also love to hear from our customers, if you have purchased a mobility aid from Ableworld and it has improved your daily routine, or if you have an interesting story to share we would love to hear from you. For further information or to share your story please email [email protected]

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Please Be Cautious

This entry was posted in General April 23, 2018

We have recently received reports of people posing to be from Ableworld and cold calling customers to arrange home visits.

Ableworld would like to reassure you that we DO NOT cold call our customers under any circumstances. We are an honest company that will not contact customers unless pre-arranged. If we do contact you it will be with a purpose and NOT to sell our products or services in a forceful way.

At Ableworld we often have engineers or delivery drivers visiting customers homes for home demonstration purposes or for the delivery of an item. All of our staff members are DBS checked and ALWAYS carry identification, so please ask if you feel unsafe in any way. We don’t mind at all, as we would prefer you are safe and happy in your own home.

For further comfort we suggest having a friend or family member with you for added peace of mind during pre arranged visits. 

For any person who calls you or you invite to your home – always follow these simple steps:-

  • Don’t ever accept anyone into your home if you have not invited them
  • Arrange for a friend or relative to be with you for your pre-arranged home visit for added peace of mind
  • If you are unsure if the visitor is genuine ask them to wait while you call the company to double check
  • Ask the cold caller for their telephone number so if you do have reason to doubt them, you have a number to give to the Police

Should you be concerned, please contact your local Ableworld store and we will be able to assist you on the matter further.

Check out for more details.

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Have you seen the New, Bigger and Better Ableworld Crewe Store?

This entry was posted in General April 20, 2018

We are always looking at ways for improving the shopping experience for our customers at Ableworld and our Crewe Mobility Equipment Store has recently undergone a refreshing new facelift which includes more than doubling the size of the shop on Mill Street in Crewe, and expanding into the old HSS store. This has totally improved the store layout, bringing in more ranges and making the store much easier to shop and navigate around for customers who may already use mobility aids.

Ableworld Crewe is situated off Mill Street (opposite Wickes) and is easy and convenient to reach with ample free parking. It is in walking distance of Crewe Town Centre, Tesco Superstore and Crewe Train Station. The team at Ableworld Crewe includes Tina Edwards, the Manager, Simon Gray, Assistant Managerand Karen Preece, Assistant Manager. All of our team members are fully trained and have undergone a DBS check so you can be assured that we are here to look after you and offer the best advice available to all of our customers.

Ableworld Crewe stocks a very wide range of products including larger items such as mobility scooters, wheelchairs, adjustable beds and rise and recline chairs that can all be tried in store under the guidance of our friendly team. There is also a wide range of smaller items that can help with day to day tasks, such as organising tablets, kitchen aids, bathing and dressing aids and wide fitting slippers. We stock a large range of continence care products and can offer customers discreet advice about any incontinence issues you or a loved one may be experiencing, and can offer continence samples to help you decide if they would suit your lifestyle and needs.

Our Ableworld Crewe store also benefits from the support of local engineers that can help with installing stairlifts in your home, or servicing your mobility equipment to ensure it remains in a great condition – the whole Crewe team are on hand to look after all of our customers. Whatever the product, the aim is to help people to lead easier, more comfortable and independent lives.

We also have our new brochure and quarterly magazine available in store, as well as many other useful leaflets and information that you can take away to make a decision in your own time.

Whatever your needs, you can be assured of a range of quality products from names you can trust. Why not call in?

Open 9.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Saturday, Valley Brook Business Centre, Mill Street, Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 7DT. Tel: 01270 255725.

We look forward to seeing you in store soon


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Get Set For Spring 

This entry was posted in General March 28, 2018

Get Set for Spring

The days are growing longer, the evenings are getting brighter and the weather is becoming milder, finally! Which can only mean one thing, spring is upon us. Soon we will see daffodils blooming and this particularly cold winter will be a distant memory. So now that we are well into the month of March, here at Ableworld we wanted to offer some helpful advice for those struggling with mobility in the hope to prepare you for this highly anticipated spring.

At last, the weather is improving and we know that this means many people will begin venturing out a lot more. For some elderly people, this can be a great thing, as it is part of regaining some independence and freedom in many cases. However, it is in your best interest to ensure you are prepared to become more active, especially if you have limitations with your mobility. If you know somebody, or you yourself are aware that you may need some assistance with getting around during your everyday life, we hope this article can help you.

Be aware of your needs

Firstly, you should always be prepared to recognise signs of slowing down, whether it is yourself or your nearest and dearest. Be as willing as you can to accept the idea that you may need the help of a mobility aid. Recognising and acknowledging that this could be the case for you can be difficult and hard to come to terms with, but let us reassure you that this feeling is a lot more common than you may think. Although the initial realisation can be challenging, there are a range of mobility aid products out there that you could really benefit from. For many, it is a reality they have already faced and are dealing with, therefore it is extremely important to find the best aids to suit you and improve your quality of life.


Following on from this, the next step would be to have a look around and see which products would suit your needs the most. Because everyone is different, it is vital that you find something that works for you. The severity of your mobility condition will determine the type of aid that you will require/benefit from.

Walking Sticks

If your mobility is relatively good and you are just looking for some extra stability to reinforce your confidence, you may only require the use of a walking stick. We supply a wide variety of walking sticks in store and online to best suit your specific requirements, along with a number of additional mobility aid extras, such as ferrules and walking stick straps.

Walkers, Rollators and Walking Frames

Another mobility aid that is used widely for those who struggle to walk is rollators and walking frames. These products are available in many different sizes, some bigger than others depending on what you require or prefer. Walking frames can be really useful for individuals who struggle to walk independently, particularly for indoor use. Walking rollators are fit for a very similar purpose, but can come with a few additional benefits. For example, you can purchase walkers or rollators that are lightweight and can be easily folded down; this is ideal for travel, in particular those who travel on buses regularly and will be outside more during Spring. You can opt for ones that have built in storage space which also doubles up into a seat.

Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

If you have a disability that requires a wheelchair or mobility scooter, it is crucial to find the right design and style for you. One option is transit wheelchairs that require somebody else to push, these come in a variety of different designs with different weight and material options. Another option is the self propel wheelchairs, which allows you to navigate the wheelchair yourself, often providing more independence and freedom. The right option for you is all depending on your own needs and personal taste, finding the best option for you is a priority.

Mobility scooters are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes including boot scooters, ideal for family days out, or road scooters if you are using it as a mode of transport. Our friendly team can assess your needs and provide advice on what would suit you best.

The products mentioned can be beneficial to many individuals; it could be that mobility aids give more independence to people, or just help maintain the independence they already have. No matter what, we encourage those who may be struggling with their mobility following the winter months to research and find out if an aid would improve their quality of life.

At Ableworld we offer a wide range of mobility aids that provide caring solutions for our customers, enabling them to enjoy more comfortable and active lives. Feel free to browse our website and use our store locator to find your closest store. If you would like additional advice or information, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly or pop into your local store.


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Ableworld Easter Egg Appeal

This entry was posted in General March 5, 2018

Almost half of all older people in care homes are depressed and most believe that the condition is now a "normal part of ageing” according to a report commissioned a few years ago by NHS England. Here at Ableworld our primary aim is to make a positive impact on a person’s life, whether it be supplying them with our quality products, or engaging through local community events.

Following on from our highly successful ‘Ableworld Elderly Shoebox appeal’ at Christmas, which resulted in staff, customers and local charities donating shoeboxes full of gifts to Royal Stoke & County Hospital, Ableworld have decided once again to launch an uplifting public appeal. Our aim this Easter time is to make a small difference to Elderly people in care, many of whom are without family members who are able to visit them. 

We are appealing to the local public to make a small gesture and purchase an extra Easter egg when shopping, which will then be collated and donated to many elderly people in local nursing and residental homes. We believe that a small token, like an Easter egg, will make such a big impact on a number of elderly people’s lives this Easter time. The eggs can be donated in your local Ableworld store and will be given out to residents at local Nursing or Residential Homes in numerous locations close to our 34 UK stores. With your help, together we can make an elderly persons Easter extra special this year.

How Can You Help?

We are appealing for all types of chocolate Easter Eggs, big or small, to be dropped off at your local Ableworld store any time before Wednesday 28th March. Our friendly store staff will ensure they are hand delivered to a number of local Homes to be given out before Easter.

We would love to involve as many people as possible in this great initiative, so please encourage your friends and relatives to get involved. Feel free to share our post on Social Media and we would love to see any pictures of you getting involved by adding them to our Facebook page @ableworld, if you are donating an Easter egg this year.

We look forward to updating you with our grand total and some pictures of donating your generous Easter gifts to local care homes. 

Ableworld stores include; Burton, Chester, Congleton, Crewe, Hanley, Llandudno, Nantwich, Newport, Northwich, Oswestry, Reading, Rhyl, Shrewsbury, Stockport and Wrexham. 

For a full list of store addresses and opening information please visit or call Freephone 0800 096 5440.


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