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We are taking steps to help in the fight against Coronavirus

This entry was posted in General March 26, 2020

As a caring mobility retailer, we value all our customers and staff, and always want to provide the best possible support. In light of recent events we are taking our role very seriously and have had some lovely feedback from customers and health professionals who have thanked us for being available for essential items.

We want to ensure we take steps to help everyone during this period of uncertainty in order to protect as many people as we can.

We have therefore taken the decision to temporarily furlough some of our staff members and are continuing to operate our stores with minimum staff. We are keeping our stores operating as normally for the time being as much as a few people feel this is the wrong decision, we are helping people daily who live with incontinence and mobility problems. We are not operating in the hope people will pop in to browse and flout the instructions our Prime Minister has been very clear about, we are operating because we have to, to help other people.

We want, as much as everyone else to protect as many people as possible while also assisting our National Health Service take care of people who need it at this moment in time.

We are available to help either in store or via the store telephone number. We can take orders, offer advice and listen as we understand people can be worried, we just want to help as best we can.

Thank you for understanding

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We are OPEN and here to help during Coronavirus restrictions

This entry was posted in General March 24, 2020

At Ableworld we care deeply about our customers and our staff. Further to the announcement made last night by Boris Johnson, the country must follow tighter restrictions on isolating and social distancing in order to beat this virus. As we provide essential equipment to enable people to be discharged from hospital, provide equipment prescriptions and supply daily living aids such as continence products we have taken the decision to remain open in order to support our healthcare services. This isn’t because we don’t care about our staff, quite the opposite, we all understand that now is a time for the country to work together in order to beat this so we are taking our role very seriously.

Supporting customers with mobility needs

The NHS are currently under a huge strain to beat this virus, and we want to help as many people safely return to their home so they can to help protect themselves from Coronavirus. Our services and products are essential to many people remaining within their own home and in many cases can help customers who may need to call on the NHS services during this busy period so we are trying our best to support everyone.

We support people to remain independent such as having stairlifts installed and repaired. We also provide walkers, wheelchairs and trolleys and other mobility equipment that can enable people to remain independent within their home.

We are taking advice from Public Health England on the best course of action for our customers and staff on a regular basis, to ensure we are protecting our team members and customers at all times

All of our stores are currently open and trading usual business hours. This may need to change but we will update regularly on our website and social media channels.

We are proud to be able to help where possible during this time. We hope you all stay safe, and if you think we can help in any way please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your nearest store, and one of our team members will be happy to help.

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Stay Active during Self Isolation

This entry was posted in General March 19, 2020

Coronavirus has impacted everyone in the world at an alarming rate but we are urging customers to try and maintain a routine during the uncertainty.

It is expected that by the end of the week, the Government will be advising the elderly and vulnerable people in the UK to self-isolate in order to protect themselves. We understand this may affect many of our customers and understand a change in routine can be worrying.

Self-isolation is being advised for your benefit and is trying to prevent you from catching Covid-19. This may mean you can’t socialise as you usually would, see friends or family, and even change the way you shop; however, all of these can be overcome in different ways.

We are urging customers and their families to think of ways to maintain some routine, for example if you would usually visit your family on a Sunday, can you arrange a video call? If you would usually do shopping on a Saturday, do you have someone who could help with this if you gave them a shopping list, and they could drop it off at your door for you?

We are also encouraging everyone to check regularly on loved ones. If you are a friend or family member of someone who is self-isolating please take the time to check on their well-being. Many people want help but are too afraid to ask, so let’s make sure they are OK, and socialise via telephone rather than face-to-face.

There is lots of ways to remain active during self-isolation, for example we have a range of exercise and therapy solutions to keep your body active while isolating, such as pedal exercisers, resistance bands and hand exercisers. It is recommended you stay within your home however you may go out to exercise so you could go for a walk or take your scooter out and enjoy some fresh air while maintaining social distancing recommendations (currently 2m/6ft from others). You could sit and watch the birds out of your window or listen to some music. If feasible and the weather improves enjoy getting out into your garden. You can also keep your mind busy by doing crosswords, reading, crafts or dust off an old jigsaw puzzle to enjoy.

We have recently updated our product catalogue, so if you would like something to read you can request a copy here, and we will post a copy to you.

As with any news in the UK and around the world, the media don’t always report the truth so we would advise only watching the news as you usually would, maybe once a day. There are other things happening around the world and amongst the worry and uncertainty, good things are happening, so try not to focus on the negative statistics and keep your mind positive.

If you have any requirements for equipment during self-isolation please contact your nearest Ableworld store and they can talk through the options available.

#Staysafe #Stayactive #BeKind


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