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Can you help with the Ableworld Elderly Shoebox Appeal this Christmas?

This entry was posted in General November 15, 2018

This year Ableworld will be teaming up with both the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and the Princess Royal Hospital, Telford, to help make Christmas Day in hospital a special day.  Nearly 1,000 elderly people will be in a bed at the hospital on Christmas Day, many without close family members who are able to visit them, so a small present to open can make a huge difference.

Ableworld have been involved in a similar initiative for the last 2 years and have collected well over 100 shoeboxes each time, so we are aiming to see if we can make it even bigger and better this year.

How can you help?

We are appealing to the public this Christmas to fill a shoe box with small things which we may all take for granted, but that an elderly person would appreciate. Ideas include puzzle books, hot chocolate, biscuits, warm socks, gloves, slippers, scarfs, hats, tins of soup, toiletries, confectionary, pens,  puzzle books or handmade gifts -  the list is endless, but please no alcohol.

These can then be taken to our Ableworld stores in; Birkenhead, Burton, Chester, Congleton, Crewe, Hanley, Llandudno, Nantwich, Newport, Northwich, Oswestry, Reading, Rhyl, Shrewsbury, Stockport, Wrexham and the Ableworld Head Office in Nantwich before 17th December.

We will then ensure that all donations will be delivered directly to both hospitals before the big day.

Where can you drop them off?

Ableworld Birkenhead, 2 Park Road North, Birkenhead, CH41 4EZ

Ableworld Burton, Second Avenue, Centrum One Hundred, Burton-upon-Trent, DE14 2WF

Ableworld Chester, 3 St David’s Retail Park, Saltney, Chester, CH4 8SN

Ableworld Congleton, 58 Mill Street, Congleton, CW12 1AG

Ableworld Crewe, 1 Valley Brook Business Centre, Mill Street, Crewe, CW2 7DT

Ableworld Hanley, 430 Leek Road, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, ST1 3HU

Ableworld Llandudno, 16 Mostyn Broadway, Llandudno, LL30 1YL

Ableworld Nantwich, 39 Beam Street, Nantwich, CW5 5NF

Ableworld Newport, Audley Avenue Business Park, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 7BX

Ableworld Northwich, 41 London Road, Northwich, CW9 5HQ

Ableworld Oswestry, Main entrance, RJ&AH Orthopaedic Hosp., Gobowen, Oswestry, SY10 7AG

Ableworld Reading, 221 Shinfield Road, Reading, RG2 8HA

Ableworld Rhyl, 1 Westbourne Avenue, Rhyl, LL18 1EE

Ableworld Shrewsbury, Heathgates Bank, Ditherington, Shrewsbury, SY1 4BB

Ableworld Stockport, 315 Buxton Road, Great Moor, Stockport, SK2 7NL

Ableworld Wrexham, 17 St George Crescent, Wrexham, LL13 8DA

Ableworld Head Office, Stapeley Technology Park, London Road, Nantwich, CW5 7JW 


We highly appreciate any donations and support recieved! For more information or if you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

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Lighting products for dark winter days

This entry was posted in General November 9, 2018

Now that we are fully into Autumn, and the colder days are approaching, the days have become much shorter and the mornings and evenings have become extremely dark. At home there are often times where a simple ceiling light bulb is not the most effective solution to lighting up a dark room, or maybe not the most accessible option. At Ableworld we have a great range of lighting products that can help in different situations to light up your home on the darkest of Winter days.  We have products varying from small reading lights, to a medically approved therapy lamp, and all of which are suitable for households. In this article we have picked a small selection of our Lighting products.

SAD Light Therapy Lamp

As we know winter is a very dark season, and there is often not a lot of hours of sunlight throughout the day due to the dark mornings and evenings. The lack of sunlight can sometimes cause some individuals to a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder, more commonly known as SAD. SAD is related to changes in seasons, and is most commonly heard of around the autumn and winter months. Our Sad Light Therapy Lamp is a medically proven light treatment device that is designed to treat the root cause of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Our SAD Light works by supplementing your daily intake of light in order to achieve the recommended daily dose of lux. It employs an LED panel for illumination, which benefits from extended life and reduced power consumption. This light is great for daily use and to use when sitting down reading, knitting or doing craft work. Our Sad Light features a modern shaping and a simple design, which takes inspiration from the sun. It features a 10 stage dimming and 4 stage timer, all controlled from three simple buttons to ensure that it is easy to use. This light is a great product that is ideal for brightening up the dull and dark winter months.

Nitesafe Sensor

The majority of us have more than once woken up in the middle of the night, or on a dark morning, and have bumped into something whilst trying to reach the light switch. At Ableworld our Nitesafe Sensor can help avoid these situations and provide a safe and secure means of light. When our Nitesafe Sensor is plugged into the wall it features a motion sensor detector that turns on the light as soon as movement is detected in the dark area. Ideal for plugging into your bedroom for a sensor light when most needed, and to avoid trips or falls in the dark. It is also is a highly useful emergency torch as it is always charged and ready to use.

Floor Standing Lamp

At Ableworld we have a varied range of both desk and floor lamps that make the ideal companions for everyday activities such as writing, reading, and more specific duties such as craft hobby work. Our Floor standing lamp is great for everyday general room lighting purposes, but is also adjustable and easily manoeuvrable to give light to a specific and preferred location for the user. It emits natural daylight levels, at 6,500k, and is also an economically friendly option, using just 27W energy saving lightbulbs. This lamp is ideal for placing beside a chair or sofa to give a bright light for general purposes, which can be adjusted closer for when reading.

2 Way Light Wand

For a practical and portable light, our 2 Way Light Wand is a great option. With a life of 10 times longer than a normal bulb, this 2-way light wand is a convenient super bright LED lamp which can be used anywhere with the multi-function stand. Ultimately versatile, the wand features a one-touch power button and is supplied with a 2-way stand for surface or wall mounting.  This portable wand is ideal for moving around the house and is a great tool for lighting up cupboards and dark corners. Suitable for keeping near your bedside table, or in the car glove box for use at the most convenient times.

All of our Lighting products are available to view on our website here, or alternatively visit your local Ableworld store to view our range. For any queries or for more details please contact us further.

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Advice on purchasing a Riser Recliner Chair

This entry was posted in General October 18, 2018

If you are living with mobility problems and find that you are sitting down for long periods of time whilst at home, a Riser Recliner can really help you. Many customers tell us that they cannot get comfortable in a chair or they are suffering with aches and pains due to age or illness and it may be that their chair isn’t helping them, which is why we want to help and offer everyone free advice to help you make an informed decision

If you think you might benefit from a Riser Recliner here are some recommendations that we would suggest you check before making a purchase.

Do you understand the different types of Riser Recliner Chairs?

Riser Recliners are separated into 2 main mechanical categories, single motor and dual motor.

A single motor chair uses one motor to raise the footrest and recline the backrest in one smooth motion, this will then return users to the seated position and continue to raise them to their feet. As there is only one motor, this type of chair has a simple 2 button handset, one button to recline and one button to raise.

Dual Motor chairs have 2 motors, one which controls the seat recline and rise option and the other motor controls the footrest. This enables users to find the ideal position for their needs, ensuring comfort and adaptability.

Both types of chair are readily available and in a wide range of styles and colours to match your home surroundings. 

What type of Rise Recliner Design would suit me best?

The design and style of the chair will depend on the user and mainly comes down to which one you feel more comfortable in. Ableworld provide Riser Recliners with a variety of comfortable seating options some with standard padding and some models also have an availability to come with a button back or waterfall back.

The button back tends to be a firmer and flatter back that has a traditional look and tends to be overall more popular with our customers.  

The Waterfall back is usually a combination of 3 padded cushions that create a waterfall effect. These cushions are adjustable, ensuring you can find a comfortable configuration, and ideal for users who may suffer with a spine curvature.

What size chair do I need?

When you choose a Riser Recliner it is really important that you are measured for a chair that fits. This applies to all Riser Recliners, whether you choose to purchase second hand or a new chair, please ensure the chairs fits your needs as well as your budget. There are some critical measurements that should be considered to ensure your Riser Recliner helps you rather than cause other problems later down the line. Riser Recliner Chairs come in a range of sizes from petite to grand, so it is important you find one the right size for your needs.

Seat Height:

It is important to consider the length of your lower leg to ensure when you rise or recline your calf is fully supported and your Achilles muscle in your ankle rests on the edge of the footrest.

To measure the correct seat height: When seated ensure your bottom is right at the back of the chair so it is fully supported and ensure you can put both feet flat on the floor. If you can’t reach the floor you will need a smaller chair.

Seat Depth:

Your upper legs are the main point of body contact when seated in a Chair so you must ensure they are also fully supported in the correct position.

With your bottom still at the back of the seat your knees should easily form a 90 degree angle, with your upper legs parallel to the floor. You should also have a 1 inch gap (enough space for 2 fingers) between the back of your knee and the edge of the chair.

Seat Width:

As with the other measurements you need to ensure you have enough space in the seat without the ability to slouch to one side.

To measure the correct seat width: Continue to sit in the chair with your bottom well supported at the back and you should be able to fit both hands, either side of your body between yourself and the armrests.

Seat Back Height:

Your chair should fully support your spine and head ensuring you don’t slouch forward or tilt your neck backwards.

The back rest should be at least the same height as the top of your head.


All of our store staff are fully trained to measure customers for chairs as well as other mobility equipment and an assessment can be carried out in a matter of minutes. We offer customers the opportunity to come into any of our stores to have an assessment and try out a number of possibilities in store. Our stores stock over 11 models of Riser Recliner chairs to ensure we have a good range of sizes and styles for you to look at.

Visit your local Ableworld store today, or view our range of Riser Recliner chairs online here.

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Purchasing In Store vs Purchasing Online

This entry was posted in General September 27, 2018

At Ableworld we have a strong ethical selling policy that works in hand with our honest and caring approach to selling mobility products. Across our 34 UK stores our friendly staff are happy to help you find the right product to meet your individual mobility needs. However, we feel that recently many of our customers are becoming influenced by purchasing mobility products online, often being persuaded by the price. We are aware of the limitations and benefits to purchasing in store and online, particularly in regards to the mobility aids sector. We have highlighted some important factors for our customers to consider.

Ethical Selling Policy

At Ableworld we are an ethical mobility retailer that strongly believes that before purchasing some items of mobility equipment customers should be correctly assessed and advised which product fits their needs best. This ensures both us and our customers that the correct product is chosen with the customers’ needs and health in mind, rather than just selecting the most expensive mobility aid. We believe that the wrong product sold over the internet without a proper assessment could lead to added complications for a person’s condition. Due to this we have an assessment and demonstration policy whereby there are several ranges of products which we will not sell online, these include Riser Recliner chairs, Scooters, Powerchairs and Wheelchairs. This policy differs to purchasing online, as in store we consider the customer’s needs for their own well-being, not merely just for an online order.


In all of our Ableworld stores you will be looked after from start to finish by our friendly and well trained staff that are on hand to help with any mobility queries. Our staff will spend as much time as needed with you, and give advice when needed. When comparing to online, there is only the written text information that can be assessed, without any demonstration or advice. This can often lead to misinterpretation and customers selecting the wrong products for their needs, and making the whole process even more stressful.

In store we will provide our advice and guidance to all customers then follow with our demonstration and assessment policy. Online there is no social interaction with a real person, only computerised form filling that can be extremely repetitive and confusing. This is an aspect that we want our customers to avoid at Ableworld, as we want to ensure our customers feel comfortable and confident in their overall purchase.


Often when shopping online many customers feel unsafe about the security and reliance of the order purchase being completed. There is a limitation of frequently having to pay on either a credit card or through a PayPal account online, something which some people do not own, or would prefer not to use. As you hear through the local press, some websites cannot be trusted, therefore are you happy giving your credit card details and personal data to an unknown source? In store there is always the great advantage of using cash or either credit or debit card as means of a secure payment through trusted till systems. At Ableworld we also promise that we will never sell your data onto Third parties, another security aspect that cannot be fully guaranteed online.

Returns & Exchange Process

Although the convenience of shopping online is often seemed to be greater and more accessible, it can also however become a longer and more drawn out process. The items you see online cannot be checked for the condition, and you would not know if the item you are buying is new or used. At Ableworld we only sell brand new items in our stores, unless clearly stated otherwise. Our in store returns process for purchased items is extremely straightforward as all of our stores are open either 6 or 7 days a week, and can be returned in store for free. When ordering products online there are often additional costs to return and ship goods back to the sender, and also a delayed time for the refund payment to be processed. This delay could mean weeks without a replacement mobility aid, where for some people it will be urgently needed. In our Ableworld stores a refund is generated at the time of return, or an exchange is made promptly so that the customer is not left unaided.


Although it is renowned for customers shopping online because products are ‘cheaper’, this is quite often not always the option with mobility products. The price you see in store at Ableworld includes demonstration, set up and 6 months free insurance on selected items, plus of course full warranty. Online there is the query that you may have to pay additional costs for delivery, set up and insurance, on top of the displayed price for the product itself. The cost online often increases after the initial purchase has been made, and then ‘add-ons’ are suggested- some that you cannot do without.


At Ableworld we have a large team of engineers based across the UK that are fully trained to service and repair selected products. If you have purchased your products from us in store there are preferential rates for your mobility services in the future. From stores our experienced engineers can install, repair and service a great selection of mobility aids, including wheelchairs, stairlifts and mobility scooters. When comparing to purchases online there is the question of how you will get your products serviced when there is no physical store to visit. The care and maintenance of any mobility products is important for the long term upkeep of the product, something that could easily be forgotten, or more difficult and expensive to source.

Although we are fully aware that there are limitations and advantages to purchasing both in store and online, we feel that the benefits of buying mobility aids in store comes at a longer term advantage for the customer. At Ableworld we are a company that genuinely cares about the customer’s well-being, and although we pride ourselves on not pressure selling items, we are aware that there are many companies that do this, particularly online. We want to reiterate that finding the cheapest price for a product is not always the cheapest or most suitable solution for the long term.

For additional advice or information please contact us. Furthermore to find your local store please click here.


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Ableworld feature on ITV National News 

This entry was posted in General September 19, 2018

Ableworld have always demonstrated an ethical approach to selling, and at a time when many Mobility retailers have given in and sold scooters online with no checks, Ableworld strongly believes that before purchasing Mobility Scooters customers should be correctly assessed and advised which Scooter fits their needs best.

After a sharp increase in Mobility Scooter fatalities pressure is mounting on the Government to impose stricter regulations on mobility scooters. 

Taking it one step further Ableworld also run Scooter Proficiency Sessions. These sessions are completely free and are aimed at people who don’t feel confident driving a Mobility Scooter. Included is a chance to drive on a test track accompanied by a member of staff, have their Scooters checked over and a chance to ask staff any questions about mobility scooters.

As Ableworld have always demonstrated an ethical approach to selling and the introduction 4 years ago of our Scooter Proficiency sessions, Ableworld were approached by ITV National News to talk about Mobility Scooter Safety.

The ITV News segment was aired recently on the 6.30pm National News with a slightly longer segment on the 10pm National News. It included a Scooter Proficiency Session at Pickmere Nursing Home in Crewe with residents riding on the Test Track accompanied by Store Manager Darren Evans, Engineer, Mark Burrows carrying out safety checks on the scooters and a short interview from Senior Marketing Manager Michelle Mossford talking about the importance of the training sessions.

Approximately 4 hours of filming turned into a short 3 minute segment but was well worth it as it was the first time Ableworld had ever featured on National TV.

Not only do Ableworld run regular Scooter Proficiency sessions aimed at keeping customers safe, but also produce a free Highway Code for Mobility Scooters and Users. This free guide covers everything you need to know in order to stay safe whilst using a mobility scooter. It also includes the DVLA registration process, advice on insurance and guidance on how to use your scooter safety.

Pick up your free, easy to use, and illustrated Highway Code today from your local Ableworld store.

Please watch the ITV News segment to the right, or click here for a full list of all Ableworld stores. 



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Checking your wheelchair is Crash Tested and safe to transport in a vehicle

This entry was posted in General September 10, 2018

Wheelchairs are a mobility aid commonly used by thousands of people around the UK on a daily basis for a variety of mobility needs. If you are looking at purchasing a wheelchair, an important factor to consider is if it is compatible to be used inside a vehicle such as a mini bus, taxi or car. Many wheelchair users often find travelling a challenge or worry about how they will get to places such as hospital appointments if they struggle manoeuvring in and out of their chair. Many wheelchair users may find it more comfortable when remained seated in their own wheelchair while travelling, so it is important to ensure it is safe to be used within a vehicle. We find that many customers do not understand what the term “Crash Tested” actually refers too, but the safety of our customers is of the highest importance to us here at Ableworld, so we hope this quick guide helps to give you a better understanding.

What does Crash Tested Mean?

If a manufacturer refers to a wheelchair as “Crash Tested” or “Transportable” it means that the wheelchair is safe to be pushed inside a suitable vehicle during travel, that features anchor points that can be secured into place with the occupant seated within the wheelchair. The anchor points within the vehicle are used by attaching straps to the anchor points on the wheelchair. These straps are then tightened to ensure the wheelchair will not move in the event of an accident and therefore protecting the wheelchair user from harm when travelling.

How do I know if my wheelchair is Crash Tested?

Wheelchairs that have been manufactured and suitably tested for secure use within a suitable vehicle will be marked clearly on the wheelchair with anchor symbols featured on the frame of the wheelchair, similar to the image to the right. The icon is most commonly displayed on the front frame of the chair, however details are also clearly stated within the user manual, and we include details on the individual product pages on our Ableworld website.

Are all Wheelchairs Crash Tested or only certain types?

No, not all wheelchairs are crash tested and you should double check the manufacturers guide and look for the anchor symbols on the wheelchair frame to check. There are a variety of crash tested models available from Ableworld, including Self Propel wheelchairs, which have larger rear wheels that allow the user to propel themselves to travel, or our Transit Wheelchairs, whereby the wheelchair user is pushed by a carer, friend or family member with the rear handles. You must check for compatibility before transport and do not just presume your wheelchair model is compatible.

Is it safe to use my wheelchair in a vehicle?

If your wheelchair has been declared as safe by the manufacturer and the transport you are using is fitted with the capability of carrying a passenger seated within a wheelchair, then it should be safe. This is subject to the wheelchair being fitted correctly to all of the anchor points and that the user is wearing a suitable 3 point seatbelt. Please note a Wheelchair lap belt is not a suitable seatbelt for use in a vehicle.

Taxi companies and ambulance staff should all be suitably trained on securing a wheelchair into their vehicle as they are responsible for the safety of their passengers, and will ensure you are secure before departing. If you are unsure then please don’t be afraid to ask the driver or enquire when booking a taxi if they are trained to carry and secure wheelchair passengers.

At Ableworld we stock a range of wheelchairs in our stores, many of which have been crash tested and feature the anchor logo. If you are unsure whether the wheelchair you own is crash tested please do not hesitate to contact the store which you purchased it from.

To view all of our wheelchairs online please visit our category page here. For additional information about the wheelchairs we sell, or for a free demonstration please pop into your local store and our fully trained staff can answer any concerns you may have.


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Ableworld recognition in 2018 AMP awards nominations

This entry was posted in General August 9, 2018

We are extremely pleased that we have recently been shortlisted in several categories for this year’s 2018 AMP awards. The Access & Mobility Professional awards are to celebrate the achievements of retailers and dealers in the UK mobility industry over the past year. The awards recognise the importance of impeccable customer service, innovative thinking and business success, highlighting both individuals, dealers and store managers. There are ten categories in total, of which we have been shortlisted in five of these, an achievement that we are exceptionally proud of.

The Winners of the awards are to be announced on the night of Sunday 7th October, of which many of our Ableworld staff will be in attendance. The outcome of the AMP awards are entirely decided by the industry, with individuals working for both suppliers and dealers entitled to vote on the finalists that have been shortlisted. The voting is open until Friday 7th September, and can be found here.

The list of our five shortlisted nominations for the following categories at the 2018 AMP Awards are:

  • Dealer of the Year (Rest of UK) – Ableworld UK
  • Dealer of the Year South – Ableworld Southampton
  • Best Customer Service Initiative – Ableworld UK
  • Store Manager of the Year – Darren Evans, Ableworld UK
  • Unsung Hero of the Year – Louise Mason, Ableworld UK

We are honoured that Ableworld UK has been recognised as a whole, but ecstatic that two of our individual staff, one franchise store and a Head office department has been shortlisted for different categories also. These awards highlight the skilful and passionate staff that we have working at Ableworld, and the dedication that we go to to assist others.

We would be delighted to walk away with all five nominated awards, but we need a lot of help achieving this. The voting is open online now until 7th September and it only takes 5 minutes to complete. Every individual who works for our suppliers is entitled to vote, meaning that anyone who supplies our stores with a service or product is eligible. Unfortunately our customers are not authorised to vote, however we are always appreciative of any feedback or comments we receive.  We are grateful of any votes that we obtain and we hope to be announcing some winning results in the near future.

For additional information please contact us.

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