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Mental Health & Well-being

This entry was posted in General May 15, 2019

Feeling healthy and well is not just about feeling physically fit, it is also important that you feel good mentally too. Often many of us have such active and busy lives, that sometimes we don’t take the time to look after our own mental wellbeing.

There is no need to feel embarrassed about struggling with your feelings. There are several things you can do to look after your mental wellbeing, as well as steps you can take if you think you need some help. Take a read of our useful points on how to look after your health, and how to support others that are struggling.

Talking about problems or fears

Often talking to somebody can make you feel a lot better about your feelings. The saying ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ is often true. Talking about a problem or sharing your feelings with someone else often takes a weight off your shoulders, and can make it feel less daunting or troubling.

Address how you feel

Talking to somebody can come with different levels of detail. You don’t have to lay out all of your feelings, just briefly talking to somebody is a positive step in taking charge of your mental wellbeing. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and let your emotions take over.

Who to talk to?

Approaching the person that you want to talk to is frequently the hardest part of sharing your feelings. Depending on what you want to talk about, you could try talking to:

  • A family member or friend
  • A specialist in the subject , such as a doctor if you require medical advice, or a financial advisor if you are having money troubles
  • Somebody with confidentiality- like a counsellor or a therapist

Be the Listener

Remember that talking to someone is a two way street. When in conversation you should try to listen and take on board suggestions, and to also make suggestions yourself. Sometimes listening to other people’s worries makes yours feel less extreme. Or talking to someone who is going through the same feelings can help to alleviate worries, as you are not alone in feeling that way.

Keep Active

Exercise is a great way of keeping both your brain and other vital organs healthy. It also has a great impact on your physical health too. Regular exercise can help to give a great sense of well-being, as well as feeling more energetic throughout the day and being more positive and alert too. Exercise can also aid more relaxed sleeping at night, as well having a sharper memory and attention span.

Keeping active doesn’t just mean going to the gym, going for a walk or doing some gardening are also ways of keeping active. Doing at least 30 minutes of exercise at least five days a week is the recommended amount. No matter your age or fitness level, you can learn to use exercise as a powerful tool to feel healthier.

Eat Well

Your everyday diet has a long-lasting effect on your mental health, and also immediate effects on your body. Your brain needs a mix of nutrients to stay healthy and function well, just like other organs in your body. Drinking high-caffeine or sugary drinks are sources that will keep you awake during the night, and could lead to a restless sleep. A healthy balanced diet includes sources of each nutrient, including:

  • A good variety of fruit and vegetables
  • Oats, nuts and seeds
  • Some dairy or dairy alternatives
  • Oily fish
  • Drink plenty of fluids

Try to choose a variety of foods from the 5 main food groups to get a wide range of nutrients. Eating three varied meals a day, and drinking plenty of water can be a positive effect on your mental and physical health in the short and long term.

Take a Break

Many of us often live busy and hectic lives and therefore we forget, or don’t make the time to sit back and take a break. A few minutes break away from a busy or intense environment can de-stress you and mentally clear your head for a while. People may use their ‘Taking a break’ time in different ways, from sitting and listening to music, to doing yoga, to playing tennis. Just taking a minute to relax and take a deep breath will help.

It is also important to listen to your body daily- if you feel weak and tired then give yourself more time to sleep. A good night’s sleep can be crucial to how you feel in body and mind the next morning.

Accepting who you are

There are 66 million people living in the UK alone, and we are all different in our own ways. Some of us like to cook, some of us make people laugh, and others are great at maths. We are all totally different and accepting how unique you are as a person can be extremely healthy for your mind.

Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved in life. Accept that you are not perfect at everything, but recognise and focus on what you are great at, and more importantly what you enjoy doing.

Accepting who you are as a person is a great way of boosting your self-esteem and confidence, to take onto new skills and to visit new places. Good self-esteem also helps in meeting and talking to new people comfortably.

Know what you would like to change about yourself, and appreciate how you can use your great attributes to succeed in life. If a friend or family member of yours is struggling, let them know their great qualities too, and what you love about them so much.

Knowing the uniqueness of ourselves is a big step in positive mental health and wellbeing.

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Why Tai Chi for Arthritis? 

This entry was posted in General May 3, 2019

Tai Chi is a gentle exercise that can help improve balance and prevent falls. It consists of making slow, graceful movements while breathing deeply.

Studies have found that Tai Chi also improves leg strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, the immune system, and the ability to concentrate. It is believed that Tai Chi was devised by a Taoist teacher who lived during the 13th Century and that it may have started originally as a form of self-defence or martial art. It is now practiced by millions around the world.

Although the activity levels are slow-moving and gentle, Tai Chi can be considered an aerobic exercise and is said to have benefits similar to taking a fast walk.

Because Tai Chi is a low impact exercise, it should be safe for all ages and all levels of fitness and studies have shown that it may well help to reduce falls in older adults by up to 45%.

Other benefits are thought to be a lower anxiety, stress, and depression, higher energy levels, better balance and flexibility, muscle strengthening and lower blood pressure.

There is some evidence that Tai Chi can improve mobility in the ankles, hips and knees in people with rheumatoid arthritis. However, it is still not known if it can reduce pain or improve the quality of life for people with rheumatoid arthritis. The essential principles are all about the integration of mind and body integration with controlled breathing and mental concentration. The life force is known as the qi, which is pronounced ‘chee’ and the aim is to get that to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body.

The largest study of Tai Chi for Arthritis, was from the University of North Carolina and it showed significant health benefits for people with all types of arthritis.

In the study, 354 participants were split into two groups. The Tai Chi group received 8 weeks of lessons, while the other group was a control group waiting for Tai Chi classes. It was found that there was significant pain relief, less stiffness and better ability to manage daily living. The participants felt better about their overall wellness, as well as experiencing improved balance.

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Ableworld Gloucester Store is Moving!

This entry was posted in General April 11, 2019

At Ableworld we are always looking at ways for improving the shopping experience for our customers, and because of this our Ableworld Gloucester store is soon relocating to a bigger and more accessible store, opening on Tuesday 23rd April.

The new Ableworld Gloucester store will still be situated closer to the centre of the city, on Longsmith Street, just off the main high street. The new store will have a large spacious layout, bringing in more ranges and making the store much easier to shop and navigate around for customers who may already use mobility aids. The store will also have free blue badge parking and be easy and convenient to reach opposite Longsmith Street multi-storey car park.

Our Gloucester Store Manager Travis, Deputy Manager Hayley, Assistant Manager Wendy, and the rest of the team are really looking forward to welcoming you into our new store. Our friendly team will be ready to help you find the ideal product for your needs, providing full assessments and guidance for new customers where nee ded, as well as free, impartial advice on what aids would suit you best.

During the opening few weeks we will have several special opening offers, giving customers quality mobility aids at extremely competitive prices.

At Ableworld we stock a very wide range of products including larger items such as mobility scooterswheelchairsadjustable beds and riser recliner chairs but also many smaller items to help with day to day tasks. In our new store we will also have a range of products to help with bathingtoileting and dressing as well as a range of continence care products.

At Ableworld Gloucester we also have an extensive, highly skilled Engineering department that can repair and service a variety of mobility aids. Our Engineers can also install, repair and service stairlifts. Whatever the product, the aim is to help people to lead easier, more comfortable and independent lives.

Our Gloucester team, and our store set up teams are currently preparing the new store for the opening on Tuesday 23rd April, where we look forward to welcoming you through the door.

The store will be open 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday at 1 Longsmith Street, Gloucester, GL1 2HJ, Tel: 01452 690250 or Email: [email protected]

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Betterlife announce closure of online & store operations

This entry was posted in General April 10, 2019

We are sad to hear of the recent closure of Betterlife Healthcares website and dedicated bricks and mortar stores.

We appreciate that many customers shopping for mobility aids may be vulnerable or nervous about asking for advice but our friendly Ableworld team are all fully trained to offer a free and personal service when it comes to shopping for mobility aids.

We have 34 large showrooms across the UK, ensuring we can offer the widest range of mobility aids to all of our customers.

In addition you can also purchase mobility items via our website: As an ethical mobility retailer we strongly believe that before purchasing some items of mobility equipment customers should be correctly assessed and advised which product fits their needs best. The wrong product sold over the internet without a proper assessment could lead to added complications for a person’s condition.

Please be reassured that Ableworld are committed in continuing to help as many customers as we can offering a wide range of Mobility aids at competitive prices, to the whole of the UK, either via our extensive showrooms, or by visiting our website 

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Ableworld Mobility Superstore is coming to Christchurch 

This entry was posted in General April 2, 2019

We are excited to announce that we are due to open our recent Ableworld Mobility Superstore, in Christchurch, Bournemouth.

Our Christchurch store will be located close to the centre of town, on Bridge Street, and will stock a large range of mobility products and daily living aids. Our friendly team will be ready to help you find the ideal product for your needs, providing full assessments and guidance for new customers where needed, as well as free, impartial advice on what aids would suit you best.

Our Christchurch store will be the second to be launched by store Owner and Director Chris Brown. Chris joined the Ableworld team in 2017 when opening Ableworld Bournemouth store, and has had great success in offering quality mobility products at fantastic prices in the Bournemouth area. Chris, Eddie and their team now look to offer the same fantastic service in the Christchurch area too.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be ready to help you find items designed to make your life more comfortable whilst also keeping you independent. If you are looking for a stairlift, our fully trained engineering team will be able to cover a 30 mile radius around Christchurch. We can install, service and repair stairlifts and other mobility aids all in-house. In store we will also have a fully operational Stairlift demonstration model, so that you can happily try one out in store first, before committing to a purchase.

The new Christchurch team, and our store set up teams are currently preparing the store for the grand opening, and we are very looking forward to welcoming you through the door.

The store will be opening their doors mid-May, with more details to come very soon, including some fantastic opening offers which are not to be missed!

Follow us on Facebook @ableworldbournemouthandchristchurch for the latest updates and offers in our Ableworld Christchurch journey.

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Our Congleton Store has moved!

This entry was posted in General March 1, 2019

Ableworld Congleton has undergone a refreshing new facelift which includes moving 200 yards from the old premises and more than doubling the size of the shop.  This has totally improved the store layout, bringing in more ranges and making the store much easier to shop.

And there’s never been a better time to buy!  As of today hundreds of products have been reduced in price as part of our ‘Biggest Ever Sale’ to help our customers afford the items they need in order to help them remain independent.

Ableworld Congleton is still situated on Mill Street in Congleton but is now located in what was previously Bargain Booze and the Post Office. The new store has ample free parking and is easy and convenient to reach. The team at our new Congleton store includes Store Manager Linda Laycock and Assistant Manager, Mark Speake.

At Ableworld we stock a very wide range of products including larger items such as mobility scooters, wheelchairs, adjustable beds and riser recliner chairs but also many smaller items to help with day to day tasks. From our stores we also hold a wide range of products to help with bathing, toileting and dressing as well as a range of continence care products. At Ableworld we also have an extensive, highly skilled Engineering department that can repair and service a variety of mobility aids. Our Engineers can also install, repair and service stairlifts. Whatever the product, the aim is to help people to lead easier, more comfortable and independent lives.

Whatever your needs, you can be assured of a range of quality products from names you can trust. Why not call in to see our new, easily accessible, larger store?

Open 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday at 34 Mill Street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1AD.Tel: 01260 408161

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Ableworld Specialist Division Branches Out

This entry was posted in General February 15, 2019

Back in 2007 Ableworld set up the company’s Specialist Division, working hard to build up contacts, raise awareness and develop the necessary trust and reputation for professionals to refer cases to Ableworld. Today, our Ableworld Specialist Division operates from two centres, one in Hanley and a new larger premises in Crewe covering the Cheshire, North Wales, the Wirral and Shropshire areas. 

Our Specialist division provides bespoke mobility equipment for adults and children and are all highly trained. We provide a one to one service either in store or at the comfort of the customers own home and handle everything from assessment to handover, giving a personal service, training and advice. Through the years of experience, our Specialist Advisers have earned a deep level of trust from clients, their families and health care professionals. At Ableworld we are dedicated to helping people and use all major distributors of mobility equipment, to give as much choice as possible.

At Ableworld we are fully supportive of Franchise and Joint Venture stores that have decided to take on Specialist Training.  These include Franchisee, Donna Wilson from our Lincoln and Newark stores who has undertaken over 2 years of training with the Sunrise Medical steps training programme.  Courses involved seating and positioning, specialist Powerchair assessment and prescription and active user wheelchair assessment and prescription.  She is also looking to work with other suppliers.

Also enhancing the Ableworld Specialist Division is Mobility GB Director Barry Pearson. He entered into a joint venture with Ableworld in 2014 and during that time has launched five stores.  Barry has recently employed a fully qualified Occupational Therapist to expand the operation across the North West liaising with local professionals and carrying out formal assessments. Barry commented ‘The appointment of our own local Occupational Therapist is a key part of our strategy to ensure our customer service remains marketing leading and provides a vital link between the professional medical network and the retail sector’.

For more information visit or call us on 0800 096 5465.

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