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Harley Slim Coccyx Car Support Wedge

Was: £32.99



The Harley slim coccyx car support wedge is designed to be used on a car seat to make it level and allow the spine to remain in its natural position, maximising comfort.

The cushion helps significantly to reduce the discomfort to the joints and poor posture that long car journeys can cause.

The wedge shape is designed to elevate the hips, making sure they are higher than the knees as this helps to reduce strain that is placed on the lower back during extended periods of sitting.

This cushion has a section cut-out from the sensitive coccyx area which helps to eliminate pressure to the area.

This cushion is iIdeal for use in the car where headroom is limited. 

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    Overall Height/Length (cm): 5
    Overall Depth/Length (cm): 36
    Overall Width (cm): 36