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Spill Not Jar & Bottle Opener

£13.99 (£16.79 inc VAT)
Was: £18.99 (£22.79 inc VAT)
This product can be sold without VAT to customers with a qualifying condition



The Spill Not Jar & Bottle opener is designed to assist those with limited grip or those with the use of only one hand to open jars and bottles.

The opener comes with 2 sections, the base holder and the grip.

The rubber base features three inverted cones which are used to hold a container steady, such as drinks bottles or child proof medicine containers, from 1inch (2.5cm) to 4 inch (10cm) in size. A further three opener cones are included to make opening tricky jars easier. The base has a rubber bottom, which helps to stop the opener moving on smooth surfaces. The base can be fixed permanently onto a workshop or contained in a drawer ready for use.

The rubber grip is then used for the top of the jar or bottle, giving a secure grip around the opening to provide a strong grip, allowing users to open the jar and bottle more easily.

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