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Pill Puncher

£2.91 (£3.49 inc VAT)
This product can be sold without VAT to customers with a qualifying condition



The Pill puncher is a useful healthcare aid that helps those with limited dexterity or the use of only one hand to remove pills/tablets from blister packs with ease.

The pill puncher features an easy to use popper action which removes the pill from the packet and collects it in a sealed compartment in the Pill Puncher.

Simply place the pack in position and push the popper down, the pill is punched out and falls into the container beneath.

Then Simply slide the lid back to open the tray and retrieve the pill. This design takes away the need to handle small and awkward pills.

The lightweight and compact Pill Puncher can be easily carried in a handbag, jacket pocket and glovebox. 

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    Overall Height/Length (cm): 2.1
    Overall Depth/Length (cm): 5.5
    Overall Width (cm): 3.2
    Product Weight (KG): 0.013