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Linum Hot Pad

Linum Hot Pad

7640112123971 / LINUM

This Linum Hot Pad is great for applying to large areas. It gives a pleasant sense of warmth so can help to reduce muscular tension in the back or give comfort if you have stomach pains acting like a large hot water bottle. It’s filled with linseeds and so soft that it easily contours to your body.


The Linum Hot Pad is a linseed filled compress, an ancient natural remedy proven to relieve tense muscles, stomach and back ache.

The smooth and soft Linum contours to your body and is available in two shapes for use on different areas, including neck, shoulders, stomach and lower back.

Warm for two minutes in the microwave and then slowly massage the Linum to distribute the heat, if desired temperature is not achieved heat for a further 30 seconds, massage the pack and place on affected area.

Size: 14.7x14” / 37.5x36cm

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