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Vibrating Alarm Clock

Vibrating Alarm Clock

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Shake yourself up with this Vibrating Alarm Clock without disturbing others in the house. Great for anyone visually or hearing impaired as this is an alarm you ‘feel’. Simply place under your pillow and the alarm will wake you up by vibrating. Compact design for travel use or in the home. Uses 2 x AA batteries (not included).


This vibrating alarm clock features a vibration and sound alarm.

Compact design for travel, can be placed under a pillow slowing the user to ‘feel’ the alarm.

Features two different wake up settings, temperature displays, calendar, snooze option and backlight.

Especially helpful for those with hearing limitations, shift-workers or anyone who sleeps using earplugs.

The slimline design makes it the perfect travel alarm clock with date and temperature as well as audible and backlit display.

Uses 2 x AA batteries these aren’t included.