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Cutlery Utensil Set

£26.49 (£31.79 inc VAT)
This product can be sold without VAT to customers with a qualifying condition



The Cutlery utensil set is ideal for those who have restricted and limited hand movement as the cutlery is bendable to give a more comfortable position.

The set features a fork, knife and spoon, as well as 3 utensil straps that helps secure the utensil to the hand of the user, which can lead to improved independence when feeding. The knife is a rocker knife which means it has a rounded blade that utilises a rocking motion for easy cutting.

The cutlery is designed to be bent to any angle, allowing for a uniquely comfortable position for the user.

It is ideal for those who have limited or restricted hand movement as this cutlery set has a soft cushion grip and extra wide handles which provides comfort and improved grip.

This set is also ideal for those who suffer from MS and Arthritis.

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    Overall Depth/Length (cm): 21
    Product Weight (KG): 7.5-8.2