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Press Egg

Press Egg

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Works all muscles in your hand and fingers to improve the mobility and strength of the hand and forearm. The Press Egg is ideal for hand rehabilitation or if you simply want to improve your general hand strength and co-ordination. An exercise booklet is provided, also available in four different resistance levels.

Strengths and Colours: Soft = Pink, Medium = Blue, Strong = Green and Extra Strong = Orange.

Size / Colour:


The Press Egg provides a simple way of working on your hand and finger muscles by improving overall dexterity, squeezing the ball trains the muscles and increases mobility and supports recovery.

Available in four different resistance levels, the egg shape fits snugly in your hand, training the muscles to aid your recovery.

Ideal if you are recovering from a stroke, or simply want to improve your general hand strength and co-ordination at home.

Strengths and Colours:
Soft = Pink
Medium = Blue
Strong = Green
Extra Strong = Orange

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