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Hearing Amplifier

Hearing Amplifier

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A low cost, medically approved tiny hearing amplifier that hides behind the ear. Includes tone and volume adjustment to help with different types and degree of hearing loss. A convenient and discreet solution to the early stages of hearing loss. Amplifiers the slightest whisper indoors or outdoors. Lightweight and comfortable.


This battery powered Hearing Amplifier provides 54dB of amplification which is enough to enable you to pick up the slightest whisper, indoors or outdoors.

It comprises a smooth plastic unit that can be tucked behind the ear and delivers amplified sound to your ear via a soft, snugly fitted earplug.

The earpiece features a tone control button, so you can adjust the quality of sound to suit your particular type of hearing loss and a volume control rocker that is easy to use.

The Hearing Amplifier is classified as a class 11a medical device, which means it has been independently tested to ensure it meets rigorous quality and safety standards.

It comes supplied with two spare batteries, two sizes of earplugs to ensure the optimum fit.