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Kitchen Grip Set

  • Ideal for opening bottles and jars and pill containers.
  • Provide firm grip and hold.Useful arthritis or any condition that weakens hand grip.
Jar And Bottle Opener

00000000000000779£6.49 (£7.79 inc VAT)
  • Suitable for use of the majority of jars and bottles.
  • Makes opening bottles and jars much easier.
  • Ideal for those who suffer with Arthritis or limited grip.
Anti Slip Coasters

00000000000000779£6.49 (£7.79 inc VAT)
  • Made from silicone rubber.
  • Have excellent grip qualities on flat surfaces.
  • Easily removed with no residue left behind.
Kettle Tipper Aidapt

00000000000001979£16.49 (£19.79 inc VAT)
  • Raised pivot point to prevent spillage.
  • Returns to its upright position if released by the user.
  • Ideal for users with limited dexterity and a weakened grip.
Blue Safety Strip

00000000000000299£2.49 (£2.99 inc VAT)
  • Provide bespoke solutions to grip issues
  • Can be easily moulded or wrapped around objects and handles
  • Improves grip
Steering Aid

  • Compatible with most steering wheels
  • Easily fixed into place
  • Easy parking and increased manoeuvrability
Uccello Tipping Kettle

00000000000006959£57.99 (£69.59 inc VAT)
  • Designed using PowerPour technology.
  • Allows easy water-fill and steady pour amount.
  • Comes equipped with safety shut-off feature.
Screw Top Opener

  • Opener for bottles with safety caps.
  • Makes opening bottles with a safety cap much easier.
  • Ideal for those who suffer with Arthritis or limited grip.
Plastic Multi Opener

  • Used to remove can tabs and bottle caps easily.
  • Comfortable to hold and lightweight and durable.
  • Ideal for those with weak hands or grip.
Cordless Kettle Tipper

00000000000005999£49.99 (£59.99 inc VAT)
  • Clamps to your kettle and holds it in place securely.
  • Improve kitchen safety.
  • Helps you pour boiling water more easily.
Anti Slip Jar Opener

00000000000000359£2.99 (£3.59 inc VAT)
  • Makes opening Jars much easier.
  • Good and comfortable grip without applying too much pressure.
  • Ideal for those who suffer with Arthritis or limited grip.
Anti Slip Bottle Opener

00000000000000299£2.49 (£2.99 inc VAT)
  • Makes opening bottles much easier.
  • Good and comfortable grip without applying too much pressure.
  • Ideal for those who suffer with Arthritis or limited grip.
Slip Resistant Tray

  • Perfect for use with carrying food or drinks in the home.
  • Avoids spillage accidents.
  • Hand wash only.
Strawberi (Pack Of 5)

00000000000000719£5.99 (£7.19 inc VAT)
  • Holds a straw securely against the side of a glass or cup.
  • Ideal for anybody who prefers to use a straw to drink.
  • The Strawberi is reusable.
Derby Food Preparation Board

00000000000001019£8.49 (£10.19 inc VAT)
  • Creates a stable preparation surface.
  • Designed for those with limited hand use.
  • Prevents food from slipping around when spreading.
Sock and Stocking Aid

00000000000000839£6.99 (£8.39 inc VAT)
  • Handy aid that helps the user put on socks.
  • Reduces the need to bend.
  • Easy to use.
Fun And Active Bands

  • Used to stretch and condition your body
  • Ideal for those wishing to build their strength and flexibility
  • Range of strengths from light to extra strong
Steel Grab Rail With Flat Ends

00000000000000539£4.49 (£5.39 inc VAT)
  • Designed to fit flat against the wall
  • Simple to install with two fixing points on each flange
  • Improved safety compared to traditional grab rails
Soxon Sock And Stocking Aid

00000000000001799£14.99 (£17.99 inc VAT)
  • Assists to put on socks & tights
  • Easy travel over the foot and ankle
  • Fully washable
Hand Grip Jar And Bottle Opener

  • Opening device for bottle and jar lids.
  • Helps to improve the grip.
  • Can also be used for turning stiff door knobs or handles.
Sit And Stroll Walker

00000000000023999£199.99 (£239.99 inc VAT)
  • Easy braking system.
  • Good size shopping bag.
  • Max user weight: 100kg
Sock Aid

00000000000000755£6.29 (£7.55 inc VAT)
  • Tool for putting on socks
  • Can be used without bending over
  • Ideal for people that suffer from mobility restrictions
Stick N Stay Handle

00000000000004799£39.99 (£47.99 inc VAT)
  • Quick and easy to use suction cups on each end
  • Can be easily moved
  • Provides a secure support to assist with balance
Bariatric Perching Stool

00000000000015599£129.99 (£155.99 inc VAT)
  • Heat sealed for better hygiene for real user comfort.
  • Suitable for use anywhere around the home.
  • Max User Weight: 245Kg
Foot Cleaner And Pumice

  • Makes it easier to clean your feet
  • Ideal for those with difficulty bending down
  • Can be used with any liquid soap
Jar Pop Key

  • Opening of tightly closed jars.
  • Leaves the jar lid loose for easy unscrewing.
  • Ideal for elderly or less mobile users with a weaker grip.
Spill Not Jar & Bottle Opener

00000000000001799£14.99 (£17.99 inc VAT)
  • Makes opening jars & bottles much easier.
  • Features a base holder & grip for a secure grasp.
  • Ideal for those with limited grip or use of only one hand.
Hands Free Hair Dryer Stand

  • Allows the user to style hair without having to struggle
  • Ideal for people with limited grip or dexterity
  • Bends and pivots to find ideal position
Two Handled Drinking Cup

00000000000000719£5.99 (£7.19 inc VAT)
  • Ideal for people with a weakened grip
  • High quality food-grade material
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe



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