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Meet our TV star Rae

This entry was posted in May 18, 2021

Meet our amazing main character and TV superstar, Rae.

Rae kindly voluntereed to be the lead of our recent TV Advert, with a little persuasion from her daughter Jacqui who is part of our Ableworld Newport team. Rae was interested to see what it would be like to film an advert from behind the scenes as she had never done anything like this before. She was quite certain it would be a “Unique and fun thing to do”.

On the day, Rae was patient, hard working and most importantly, made us laugh with her witty humour throughout the day. We are in agreement that all of Rae’s friends would describe her as ‘Fun Loving’, ‘Friendly’ and ‘Approachable’.

Rae admires all of those who have the confidence to stand up in front of an audience and sing, if she had to, her first choice on the karaoke would be ‘I will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor. Whenever Rae has gone through tough times this song has been her ‘mantra’.

Rae loves anything sparkly or glittery. Shoes with glitter, T-shirts with sparkles on… you name something sparkly and Rae loves it. She even gets green with envy when she sees little girls shoes with heels that light up as they walk as she wants a pair herself!

We asked Rae who her hero was and she mentioned it was her Dad. She looks up to everything he instilled in her years ago. “At the time, when I was a teenager, I took no notice of it. But it must have lodged somewhere in my being because I find myself repeating those things and still, at my age, I try and live up to him” Said Rae.

We are delighted and honoured that we could have Rae as part of our TV advert as she was simply brilliant! 

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