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Rocker Knife

Rocker Knife

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This Rocker Knife has a large soft cushion grip that makes dining easier for users with limited hand or arm movement, or people with a weakened grip.

The knife utilises a rocking motion for easier cutting.  Dishwasher safe.


This Rocker knife has a large soft cushion grip that makes it easy to hold.

It features a specially shaped blade and utilizes a rocking motion for easier cutting. These features make dining much easier for those with limited hand or arm movement, or for those with a limited grip.

The base of the knife features a loop, through which a securing utensil strap can be passed.

Dishwasher safe up to 70 degrees.

Colour: Black Handle, Metal Head.

Number in Pack: 1

This Dining range also features Bendable Fork and Bendable Spoon.

Please Note: This item is available for Collection only due to Age Restriction. Please be prepared to show valid proof of age when buying this product in store. 

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