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Travel Ramp and Bag
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Travel Ramp and Bag

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The Travel Ramp is lightweight and easy to use. Folding it away is hassle free and the ramp comes complete with a neat storage bag that can be carried on the back of a wheelchair, providing you with quick, easy access wherever you travel. Featuring a high quality, hard-wearing, anti-slip surface the Travel Ramp is constructed from lightweight glass reinforced plastic and has small moulded upstands to guarantee user safety. Comes with a bag included. Maximum weight: 40 stone (240kg)


The Travel Ramp has been designed for ease of handling, to be quickly located and easily folded away when not in use.

It can be stored on the back of the wheelchair in its own carrying bag allowing quick and easy access.

Manufactured from reinforced plastic to minimise weight and comes with an effective anti-slip coating.

It has small moulded side upstands to ensure user safety.

The Travel Ramp design provides a wide range of solutions to overcome most access problems, from simple kerb stones to more complex flights of steps.

Each ramp has a distributed carrying capacity of 40 stone (240kg).

The Travel Ramp has smooth moulded sides, colour contrasting slip resistant surfaces and the option of being fitted with single handrails which can fold away when not in use or double handrails which can be removed when not in use.

The ramps can be placed in position when required or secured in place to give a more permanent access solution.

Maximum Weight: 40 stone (240kg)
Length: 27.5” / 70cm
Internal Track Width: 29.1” / 74cm
Overall Width: 30.7” / 78cm