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Small Palm Grip Cane

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The Palm Grip Cane is an extremely useful walking aid that is extremely useful and specially designed for users with painful or arthritic hands. The stick provides walking support and balance to users that are able to support most of their own body weight.

The palm cane is intended for people with weak grips and reduced hand function, as it has an anatomically shaped handle that is easy and comfortable to grasp securely. This handle is available in both right and left handed variations. This cane is especially useful for smaller hands where other canes may be too large or prove uncomfortable.

With an aluminium shaft, the Palm Grip Cane blends low weight with sturdiness, the shaft can also be height adjusted with the simple push of a button, enabling an individualised fit. It is a lightweight but sturdy walking stick that is height adjustable from 30 to 38 inches, making it suitable for the vast majority of users.

An anti-slip rubber ferrule ensures the Palm Grip Cane has excellent traction on a range of floor surfaces.

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    Overall Height/Length (cm): 73-97
    Max. User Weight (KG): 135