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Melfort Walking Stick

Melfort Walking Stick

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The Melfort Walking Stick with silver collar. This elegant walking stick is named after Loch Melfort, a beautiful loch in Argyll. It has a stained brown beech wood shaft and handle. Rubber ferrule is included.

Please note: This is a Clearance Item and is only available in our Ableworld Shrewsbury store, or for Ordering online for home delivery.

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The Melfort Walking Stick is a stylish and sturdy walking stick ideal for anybody looking for reliable support.

It features a beech wood shaft that has been stained to give it a sleek appearance.

For those who are looking for a simple yet comfortable handle design, the Melfort handle is a perfect choice.

The palm can wrap around the handle with ease and it is comfortable for most to grip onto while walking.

Supplied with a rubber ferrule that absorbs impact with the ground and helps to improve stability.

This can help to improve comfort while using the walking stick, while also protecting the bottom of the wooden shaft.

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