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Self Propel Wheelchairs

Here at we provide a wide range of self-propelled wheelchairs which will suit all needs. We have everything from a budget model for the ad hoc user or for someone on a budget to a Spirit wheel chair which is great for the younger person or the active user who needs a chair which will keep up with the pace of their busy lifestyle.

If you don’t see something which will suit your needs don’t hesitate to give your local store a call or visit as we could help design something to suit your needs. Our specialist team are here to help whether it’s down to support and advice if you’re a new wheelchair user or developing and designing a chair for you.

Alternatively our transit wheelchairs might be better suited to you which can be found in our Wheelchair range.

For more information on picking the right chair for you we recommend watching our "Guide to Wheelchairs" video, which will provide you with additional information. Furthermore please have a read of our Choosing the right wheelchair guide.

Budget Wheelchair - Self Propel image
£154.80 (£129.00 Exc VAT*)
Superior Steel Self Propel Wheelchair image
£200.64 (£167.20 Exc VAT*)
18inch Aluminium Self Propel Wheelchair image
£226.80 (£189.00 Exc VAT*)
Ultra Lightweight Self Propel Wheelchair image
from £274.80 (£229.00 Exc VAT*)
Enigma XS2 Self Propel image
from £315.84 (£263.20 Exc VAT*)
Sentra Bariatric Wheelchair image
£318.00 (£265.00 Exc VAT*)
Excel G-Logic Self Propel Wheelchair image
from £358.80 (£299.00 Exc VAT*)
Spirit Self Propel Wheelchair image
£408.00 (£340.00 Exc VAT*)
Ergo 125 Self Propel Wheelchair 18inch image
£478.80 (£399.00 Exc VAT*)
Full Range Of Bespoke Wheelchairs image
£630.00 (£525.00 Exc VAT*)
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