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Deluxe Walking Frame

Deluxe Walking Frame

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The Deluxe Walking Frame is a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium walking frame that allows the user to walk with it without the need to lift it, making it ideal for those with limited strength or mobility. Unlike rigid walking frames the design of the Deluxe Walking Frame allows you the flexibility to move forward with the frame one step at a time by pushing the left side with your left step and then the right side along with your right step. 

  • An articulated walking frame which moves with the user allowing them to move one foot at a time instead of lifting the walker forwards and then moving. 
  • Folds at the touch of a button for easy storage and transport. 
  • Height adjustable from 32" /81cm-39" /99cm.
  • This deluxe walking frame is an articulated aid to help you move one foot independently of the other.
  • Vinyl hand grips
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Slip resistant and non-marking ferrules on all 4 legs

This lightweight frame is ideal for anyone who struggles to move quickly or who needs to take small steps due to age or injury. This frame will allow you to move the left or right of the frame with your foot rather than moving the whole frame at one time.

As it fold flat it is ideal for traveling or days out and can easily fit into the boot of your car or in storage for the ad hoc user.

With height adjustable legs you can adapt the folding walker to your needs. 

Colours and styles may vary

For additional information please watch our Guide to the Walking Walker. 

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