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Lap Tray & Cushion

Lap Tray & Cushion


The Lap Tray and Cushion is ideal for use around the home for activities such as reading, eating, writing and crafts. This lap tray includes a built-in beanbag cushion for added comfort and support. 


This attractive and functional lap tray is ideal to be used around the home and it makes eating, reading, writing and crafts easy and comfortable.

The lap tray has a built-in cushion below the tray top, finished in tartan fabric, so will rest comfortably on your legs while you lie or sit.

The table top surface has a pleasant design that will suit both modern and traditional homes and it is laminated for easy cleaning.

It also has built-in handles which makes it easier to carry and position.

Wipe clean finish on the table top for convinience.

Dimensions: 18x15x4.7" / 45x38x12cm

Net Weight: 0.7kg

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