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Electric & Orthopaedic Beds

Our range of electric beds have been chosen with orthopaedic problems in mind. Having a good night’s sleep is important for everyone but if you struggle with aches and pains the night can drag on for ever and the thought of going to sleep doesn’t fill you with joy. Furthermore you’re suffering throughout the following day from a poor sleeping position. With our Orthopaedic beds you’ll not only look forward to a good night’s sleep but you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

With a firm mattress and adjustable positions these beds will provide the comfort and support you need! Call us today or visit your local store for more information and to arrange a demonstration.

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£165.60 (£138.00 Exc VAT*)
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£598.80 (£499.00 Exc VAT*)
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£658.80 (£549.00 Exc VAT*)
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