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Medium & Pavement Scooters

When purchasing a medium or pavement scooter it's important that you choose the one best suited to your needs. A scooter can make all the difference between being completely independent with no limits to being stuck in the house.


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Are you likely to take the scooter in the car with you? If you live out of town and would need to go on roads then maybe a road legal model is better suited or if you're likely to transport it to a destination maybe a boot model would be better suited.

How big are you? What’s your body shape? It may sound like a personal question but you need a scooter which will suit your needs. If you’re overly small or tall this will need to be taken into consideration.

Are you likely to use it in busy or tight spaces? If so you’ll need to consider a model which has a great manoeuvring record so that you can easily get out of tight spaces.

What's the access to your property like? Dependant on this you might need to consider a narrower model which will be better suited to your entrance.

Some of the above sounds very simple but it’s all worth considering when purchasing the right pavement scooter for you. For more help and support don’t hesitate to contact your local store.