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Derby Cane - Black

Derby Cane - Black

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The Derby Cane (Black) is made from a dark hardwood and features the popular derby handle. The derby handle provides the user a comfortable grip and the cane overall is very hard-wearing. For those looking for a simple yet comfortable handle design, the Derby handle is ideal. The palm can wrap around the handle with ease and is comfortable for most to grip onto while walking. Length: 36” (91cm)


The Derby Cane (Black) combines reliability with convenience by offering a sturdy support with a black beech wood shaft.

Simple and sleek in design, it provides effective use without compromise to appearance.

The Derby Cane (Black) features a beech shaft with a fixed height of 36” (91cm), this height is ideal for most individuals looking for a standard walking stick without having to worry about adjusting.

The beech wood has been stained a black colour both for visual appear and for increase longevity.

Length: 36” / 91cm

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