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Straight & Curved Stairlifts

A stairlift (which can sometimes be referred to as a chairlift) is a great addition to the home, which can provide access to upper levels of the home, which can be a struggle if you have mobility problems.

The stairlift takes someone from one floor to another via a motorised seat which runs up and down the staircase on a track.

All of our chairlifts are operated by a hand control, which can be used when on or off the chair. Our range of stair lifts can be purchased for both curved and straight staircases and our reconditioned models start from as little as £495. In addition to a stairlift models we also offer our stairlift cover and contracts.

Reconditioned Stairlifts image
from £594.00 (£495.00 Exc VAT*)
Simplicity 950 Straight Stairlifts image
£1,434.00 (£1,195.00 Exc VAT*)
Simplicity 950 Plus image
£1,674.00 (£1,395.00 Exc VAT*)
Brooks Straight Stairlifts image
£1,794.00 (£1,495.00 Exc VAT*)
Handicare Stairlift 1000 image
£2,154.00 (£1,795.00 Exc VAT*)
Outdoor Stairlift image
£3,114.00 (£2,595.00 Exc VAT*)
Simplicity 2000 Curved Stairlift image
£3,354.00 (£2,795.00 Exc VAT*)
Curved Handicare Stairlift image
£3,714.00 (£3,095.00 Exc VAT*)
Free Curve Stairlift image
£4,554.00 (£3,795.00 Exc VAT*)
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About our Stairlift Assessments..

Throughout your experience with Ableworld you are under no obligation to purchase a stairlift from us. We will first provide a FREE survey and assess your needs and what model will best suit your situation. We will always assess your situation on site to make sure you are provided with the best possible model. Although you can purchase stairlifts online we believe we have a duty of care to make sure our customers have the right aid for them.  If you do decide to go ahead with your quote we’ll fit it when it’s convenient for you. Our engineers provide little disturbance and it will often be fitted within a couple of days, it also takes less than half a day to fully fit the stairlift. Our engineers will then teach the user how to use our product so the user can be left feeling safe and happy with their new purchase.

For more information please don’t hesitate to give us a call on our Freephone number 0800 014 9344