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Rollators & Walking Frames

Here at Ableworld we have a variety of rollators and walking frames to suit your needs. Our new website now features Click and Collect so you’re able to buy online, reserve for store collection or buy in store.

For more information on picking the correct Rollator or Walking frame for you we recommend watching our Guide to Walkers, Rollators and Walking Frames video, which will provide you with additional information. Furthermore have a read of our Choosing the Right Rollator guide. 

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When purchasing a walking frame or rollator you may wish to consider these few things;

  • If you’re looking for an outdoor walking frame you’re probably likely to need a seat and caddy or basket. Both additions can be very useful when you need to carry items home or you need to take a rest when out and about.
  • If you’re looking for an indoor mobility walker consider something which is easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. Some of our walkers also come with a tray which is a great addition for around the home.
  • If you lean more on one side of your body it may be worth considering a 4 wheeled option as this will provide even stability and will reduce the risk of falls.

For more information on our rollators why not check out our choosing the right rollator guide. We also provide FREE delivery on orders over £100!

**Please note colours may vary on many rollators.

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