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Wrist and Thumb Support (1089)

Wrist and Thumb Support (1089)

4719863690728 / 1089 SUPP L
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The Wrist and Thumb Support is suitable for De Quervain’s Disease, thumb sprains and rheumatic pain relief. It includes a thumb orthose which helps to relieve pain associated with arthritis and to stabilise the CMC joint, the adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners ensure a comfortable fit and stabilisation of the thumb is provided by reinforced metal spoon. It helps to reduce the risk of new or recurring injuries by creating flexibility in muscles, tendons and ligaments. Available in two sizes - Medium and Large. 

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The Wrist and Thumb Support is made up of neoprene rubber layer between a tough cotton inner lining and a nylon laminate, this helps to stabilise your thumb, wrist and CMC joint so you can help to prevent deterioration in the area.

The speed at which the injury heals is increased because the support helps to retain body heat and increases blood circulation.

This support aids in muscle therapy whilst giving maximum relief and comfort.

How to use: Measure the circumference of your wrist. Position the thumb on the thumb-locking area of the support, be sure that the metal splint is on the lateral side of the thumb. Secure the hook-and-loop strap beside your thumb area to find your desired level of compression. Then secure the elastic hook-and-loop fastener to your desired compression level.

Helps to assist in the treatment of:
• Arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• General weakness
• Sprained wrist
• Tenosynovitis

Medium: 6-7” / 15-18cm

Large: 7-8” / 18-20cm

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