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White Marble Crutch Walking Stick

£15.19 (£18.23 inc VAT)
Was: £18.99 (£22.79 inc VAT)
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The Crutch Stick White Marble combines reliability with convenience by offering a sturdy support with a beech wood shaft with a fixed height of 36” (91cm).

Unlike basic walking sticks the Crutch Stick White Marble features a moulded handle, which for some users this is more comfortable to the touch and improves comfort of gripping, making it ideal for using the walking stick for extended periods of time.

The stick is fitted with a brass collar and has a 19mm diameter maple shaft.

The fixed 36” height will be ideal for most individuals looking for a standard walking stick without having to worry about adjusting. However it is advised that you measure this length for your personal use before deciding if this is the right length for you.

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    Overall Height/Length (cm): 91