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The Dangers of Buying Second Hand Mobility Products

This entry was posted in General October 20, 2017

Second hand mobility products might seem like a good idea: they are cheaper, often look as good as new and they are relatively easy to obtain. While some second hand products might, in fact, be a great deal, when it comes to mobility products, looks aren't everything. Buying the wrong second hand product, whether it is from a friend, a family member, a private seller or a dealer, can be cheaper in the short run and very expensive in the long run.

When you decide to buy a second hand mobility product always be aware of the dangers and make sure you check if the product is:

  • Safe

If the product you want to buy second-hand is electrical or battery operated, you should always be mindful of safety. While it might work perfectly when you test it, make sure you get the product tested by a qualified engineer, as they will be able to assess the long-term functionality of the product.

When buying a second hand product, certain additional parts as well as the instruction manual are often missing. Before purchasing make sure you check all parts and add-ons.

  • Suitable

Many mobility products need to be specific for your needs. When you are buying a second hand product, you might be buying something that, while it is safe and suitable for somebody else, it might not be for you. Always do your research and contact an expert for more information.

  • Not likely to lead to Extra Costs

Second hand products are often cheaper than new ones, making them a very appealing option. However, while they might be cheaper in the short run, they might also lead to extra costs down the line, as they are more likely to need repairs and parts replacements. If you get a warranty period on a used product it will also be much shorter than it would be on a new one, meaning you might have to pay a lot of money for any repairs and replacements.  

Mobility Scooter and Powerchairs

Mobility Scooters and powerchairs are often bought second hand, as many people decide to sell them privately or through a mobility shop when upgrading to a new one. However, while second hand scooters and powerchairs might be widely available at cheaper prices they might also lead to problems, as they are not necessarily suitable for your specific needs and/or living situation.

When buying a mobility scooter or powerchair always make sure you:

  • Ask for an Engineers Report with a battery test printout. Scooters’ batteries last between 18 months and two years, check if they have been replaced and how long they are going to last;
  • Check if the original paperwork and instruction leaflet are present and if a warranty/guarantee is available (the warranty will be much shorter than it would be on a new product, meaning you might need to invest on additional insurance or breakdown cover);
  • Ask why they are selling and if it has been regularly maintained;
  • Ask for the vehicle number and check with the manufacturer how old the vehicle is and if they still have spare parts available;
  • Check what you need before buying. When it comes to mobility scooters and powerchairs there is no ‘one size fits all’ mentality, always ensure you do your research and eventually talk to an expert about your needs.

Riser and recliner chairs

With riser and recliner chairs, similar steps need to be taken. Always make sure all the original paperwork, including the instruction manual and the warranty are available and that you know exactly how old the product is by contacting the manufacturer.

Additionally, second hand riser and recliner chairs are potentially dangerous for your health if they have not been cleaned properly. Before buying any of these products second hand, always make sure they have been thoroughly chemically cleaned. Ask for written confirmation from your dealer that the cleaning process was undertaken to avoid potentially harmful bacteria spreading to your skin.

When buying a second hand product always remember you have rights. If the seller made a specific claim about the quality and usage of a product and that is not the case, you can and should ask for a refund as the product was misrepresented and potentially dangerous.

While it might seem like a good deal to buy certain products second hand, it can also be potentially harmful for your health and safety, as well as your wallet, in the long run. Always make sure you do your research as you might find many mobility shops offer great deals as well as much more peace of mind. At Ableworld we offer great brand new products at very little prices, meaning you might actually spend less with us than buying second hand. Check our Autumn Sale mobility offers and view our great deals on mobility products, you can find brand new Scooters or Riser Recliners for as little as £349.

If you need any advice on buying a mobility product or you are looking for more information on the subject, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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