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Self Bottom Wiper

Self Bottom Wiper

£10.99 VAT exempt*

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Retain your independence with the Self Bottom Wiper. Easily gripping toilet tissue, the mechanism holds it in place and then releases it once used with the push of a button. Latex free, the handle has a smooth rounded shape that’s easy to use if you have limited manual dexterity. It can also be used with wet-wipes for your convenience.


The Self Bottom Wiper is designed to make personal hygiene easier for elderly and disabled people with low mobility and dexterity.

It holds firmly onto either tissue or wipes and enables the user to wipe without the need to twist or bend. The tissue or wipe is then released by the mechanism without the need to touch it, helping to promote better hygiene.

The Self Bottom Wiper makes it much easier for those with poor mobility to maintain a better independence.

Offers independence and cleanliness.

Length: 15” / 38.1cm

*Please Note: For hygiene reasons this item cannot be returned.


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