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Scrubbies Disposable Body Wash Pads

Scrubbies Disposable Body Wash Pads


The Scrubbies disposable body wash pads are designed to provide a quick and thorough wash for people who may find difficulty with bathing. Just add water to activate the gentle soap which is hypoallergenic and kind to your skin. Pack of 12


Scrubbies are a unique body wash cleaning system for an anywhere wash the reduces bathing time and water use. These dry, disposable body wash pads are filled with gentle soap & moisturising ingredients, which are kind to your skin. Just add a splash of water to the towel to activate. 
Scrubbies dry disposable pads are a unique disposable cleaning system designed to be used in situations when it may not be possible to bathe/shower but a good wash is essential. Designed for single use and made from 100% polyester and are fully recyclable. 
They are ideal for use in many types of caring work: Home care services, care homes, Nursing Homes and other NHS services where time and space is limited but hygiene is essential.
Scrubbies are 20cm x 20cm each and are supplied in packs of 12 dry disposable pads

How to use:-
Add a small amount of water to the sponge
Massage the sponge gently to lather
Soap the body
Rinse with water or wipe with a dry cloth

Scrubbies contacin soap and moisturing ingredients with a natural acidity of PH 5.5

Please Note: These must not be disposed of in the toilet. 

*Please Note: For hygiene reasons this item cannot be returned

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