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Scooter Accessory Pack

£54.99 (£65.99 inc VAT)
This product can be sold without VAT to customers with a qualifying condition



The Scooter accessory pack contains all of the essential accessories to make your life with a mobility scooter as comfortable as possible.

The pack contains: 1 large pannier bag, 1 small pannier bag, 1 rear storage bag with crutch holders, 1 front basket liner cover and 1 outdoor scooter cover.

They are designed to be suitable for most scooters, making them ideal for both new and experienced scooter users.

Made from hard-wearing nylon.

The rear storage bag with crutch holders features a surprisingly spacious compartments.

The front basket cover you can keep all your essential items close to hand, the material is waterproof and easy to fit, it’s as durable as it is convenient.

The mobility scooter cover is ideal for protection from damaging wind and rain.

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