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Perching Stools Arms & Back

Perching Stools Arms & Back

5016181001380 / PERCH STOOL ARM AND BACK
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This Perching Stool Arms & Back is a comfortable and attractive seat, it’s perfect for people who struggle to stand for long periods. Made from a modular plastic construction makes the seat comfortable and easy to clean, also featuring rubber ferrules which give grip and stability. Features height adjustable legs that enable the user to customise the stool to their own preferences. The maximum safe user weight is 30 stone (190kg).


The Perching Stool Arms & Back is a highly quality, lightweight perching stool that comes completely with armrests and back rest and has a design that is both attractive and practical.

Designed with a contoured shape for maximum comfort and support, with a slight slope to the front reducing the effort required by the user to sit and stand allowing household tasks to be completed more easily and with more comfort.

The Perching Stool Arms & Back has legs that are angled slightly outwards to give an incredibly stable base and that can be adjusted through a good height range, allowing the user to set the seats height at the most comfortable level for them.

The Perching Stool Arms & Back is suitable for use anywhere around the home where the use of a perching stool can help reduce the effort required by the user to perform a task, from food preparation to washing up.

The nature of this perching stool makes it incredibly versatile, allowing it to be used with the arm and best rests attached or removed letting the user choose the best configuration required for each individual task.

This perching stool’s a good design also gives it great strength and with a maximum user weight of 30 stone (190kg).

Seat Height: 20 -25" / 51cm-64cm

Seat Width: 14" / 35cm

Seat Depth: 12" / 31cm


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