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Online Shopping Security Checks

This entry was posted in General September 5, 2019

Currently when you shop online, you may be asked for your card details, including the expiry date and CVV code off the back of your card. Online retailers ask for these details to make sure it is actually you making the purchase. However, in many cases this cannot be guaranteed at all, and it could be a fraudster with stolen card details.

In a new national rule that is due to be introduced in Autumn this year, tougher new checks known as ‘Strong Customer Authentication’ (SCA) will become more common for online shopping and banking within the UK and EU. These new checks will be put into place to prevent fraudsters, with the aim to make online shopping more secure for customers.

From 14th September, new EU rules come into place which means that on some purchases, verification checks will be done before a payment can be taken.

Not all payments will require extra checks, for smaller payments under $30 (currently £27) only card details will be needed. However for payments over this amount, or for consecutive smaller amounts, shoppers will be required to enter a verification code to prove that it’s really them making the purchase.

In most instances, your bank will firstly send a code to something you own, such as texting a code through to your mobile phone with a one-time confirmation code. Secondly, they could ask for something you know, such as a previously entered password or phrase into an app. The third option is to check something you are, such as fingerprint or facial recognition on your mobile phone. These methods are all in addition to your regular card details, and in most cases you will only need to process one. The method of verification will differ between bank providers and card issuers however.

It is up to each bank and card issuer which methods they use and they will inform you of the details or devices you might need. If you are confused then call your bank or card issuer using the phone number on the back of your card.

There is the option to create your own Whitelisted Websites list, whereby you will be able to add your favourite websites that you purchase from frequently, and bypass the extra security checks. This can only be processed by your bank provider or card issuer.

Although the full force of the rules aren’t set to come into place until 2020, please do be aware that they are taking place and will have an effect on online purchases from mid- September.

As always please be careful of emails or text messages that may look suspicious, as there will be lots of information regarding the new legislations being passed around. If you have any doubt about anyone or anything asking for your personal details, report it to your bank asap using the phone number on the back of your card.

If you are having any trouble with placing your order through our Ableworld website due to the new payment securities, please firstly contact your bank or card issuer in regards to the verification methods. Our customer services team will do our best to help, however we cannot get in touch with your bank provider in regards to your verification methods.

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