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Leg Cast Protector (Long)

Leg Cast Protector (Long)


The Full Leg Cast Protector is ideal if you have a cast or a dressing up to the upper part of your leg that you need to protect when showering and bathing. The cast protector is re-useable and measures 101.6cm (40inches) in length.


A comfortable, waterproof protector which is ideal in protecting your dressing or cast whilst showering and bathing.

It easily slips over a cast or dressing to provide protection, with the rubber opening forming a seal around your upper thigh to prevent any water entering the bandage cover.

The protectors are re-usable and only intended for single patient use.

Not suitable for use with open or undressed wounds or when swimming.

Length: 40" / 101.6cm

*Please Note: For hygiene reasons this item cannot be returned

Also available in a Shorter length.

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