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Imitation Bamboo Crook

Imitation Bamboo Crook

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This crook-handled walking stick featuring a wooden shaft that has been engraved at various intervals to give a bamboo effect. A superb cane for those who like a traditional walking stick with a unique look. Comes fitted with a rubber ferrule. Length: 36" (91cm)


The crook handle is one of the most traditional types of walking stick handles due to its practicability. It combines comfortable use with a stylish design to give you a practical and appealing mobility support.

Not only is it comfortable to hold onto while walking, but it can also be hooked over the arm should both handles be required. It can also be stored more easily as the crook can be balanced over a hook or railing.

The hardwood of the shaft creates a sturdy walking stick that provides robust support, as it features a more protective finish that will help the crook to last for even longer.

The Bamboo Crook has a stylish lacquered finish with a ringed design, and is great for use both on a daily basis and for more formal occasions ensuring you can receive the support you need no matter what the dress code is.

Length: 36” / 91cm

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