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How to Choose a Walking Stick?

This entry was posted in General August 27, 2019

At Ableworld we provide a wide variety of assistances to help with all types of mobility aid. Walking sticks are one of the most popular options to consider when looking for a mobility aid. At Ableworld we have a large choice of walking sticks available and there are unique features to differentiate one from another. There are many features to consider when selecting a walking stick, such as the handle shape, length of stick and product material. Within this post we will highlight the key steps to selecting the correct walking stick and what options we suggest.


The top of the walking stick is undoubtedly the most important part of selecting a walking stick, due to all the body pressure being exerted through here to gain the correct balance. There are a variety of different handles to help assist each personal need.

  • Chestnut Crook Handle. A crook handle is traditionally designed and shaped for everyday use. Ideal for walks in the countryside or day-to-day use around the house.
  • Escort walking stick moulded effect handle. Our moulded handled walking sticks offer superior comfort for the regular, daily walking stick user. The handles have a reassuring, comfortable grip and can be used in either hand.
  • Ergonomically shaped handle. This is designed to spread weight more evenly over the surface of the hand meaning its ideal for those with limited grip strength and those with painful wrists and finger joints.
  • Ergonomically-designed plastic handle. These are the cheapest and most common handles which are used on all short term walking sticks for a simple use purpose.
  • A grip cane. This design offers gentle palm support. Specify left or right handed grip for the best hold.

What size walking stick do I need?

Although many of our aluminium walking sticks are easily button adjustable we have a large range of wooden sticks and crooks that have to be cut to size. It is crucial that the correct size stick is being used to allow maximum assistance where needed.

The best way to measure for stick size is to stand upright in a normal pair of shoes and measure from the wrist bone to the floor with a measuring tape. Furthermore turning the stick upside down with the handle on the floor and marking to the wrist bone is another way. All our wooden sticks should be cut to size and then the rubber ferrule replaced on the bottom. Please note: Cutting a wooden stick can be difficult to gain precise measurements, therefore cut too long to begin with and measure for size before continuing. 

How to use a walking stick?

Whenever using a stick your arm should be slightly bent at the elbow and shoulders level, to avoid stooping or walking unnaturally. Your stick should be used on your most comfortable side.

Walking sticks should be used when the user feels they should. Some of our walking sticks are foldable and compact so that they can be kept in a bag in case of emergency purposes.


We also provide a large amount of accessories to aid the mobility of a walking stick in different ways. We provide a variety of ferrules to help absorb impact with the ground while improving steadiness of use. An Ice ferrule is designed to be used in the worst conditions, whereas a flexyfoot ferrule offers advanced shock absorption in all weathers. Furthermore we provide a walking stick strap, walking stick clip and a bridgit, all with the purpose of easy use to help stop dropping or losing your walking stick. Furthermore we have other unique walking stick variants such as a Walking stick umbrella and a Glow and Go stick to appeal to our vast customer base. These accessories are easily available to browse and purchase in our Ferrules and Mobility Aids sections.

If you would like help on choosing the right walking stick or accessories to suit your needs, then just pop into your local Ableworld store and speak to one of our friendly store staff.  

Otherwise for more information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01270 627111.

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