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Harley Mattress Tilter




Our Harley Mattress Tilter is a superbly versatile bedroom aid that can give your mattress a 5” tilt and the head or foot of the bed.

It works by being placed underneath the mattress, providing a 5” angle slope, without compromising or interfering with the comfort of your own mattress. It gives a secure and flat 5 inch angled slope, whilst allowing the regular mattress to still lie comfortably on it.

When the Mattress Tilter is used at the foot of the bed it can help to relieve symptoms of oedema, varicose veins, lower back pain and fatigue.

When the Mattress Tilter is used at the head of the bed it can help to alleviate hiatus hernia and respiratory difficulties.

The Mattress Tilter comes complete with a washable fleece cover for ease of use and hygiene purposes.

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    Overall Height/Length (cm): 46
    Overall Depth/Length (cm): 2-14
    Overall Width (cm): 63